A Pen Full Of Ink

I have a pen full of ink
Waiting for the words to form
Sometimes words come easy
Which is usually the norm

My mind is filled with so many thoughts
Poems to be written, books to be bought
It’s time to begin so I pick up my pen
The words start to flow and I’m writing again

So many things that always inspire
A love song, a kiss, a night by the fire
A walk through the woods, a ride on my horse
Just look around and you’ll find a source

So pick up your pen and fill it with ink
Just start writing, don’t even think
You’ve written a poem
With a pen full of ink

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “A Pen Full Of Ink

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  1. Sweet song! But now it begs the question, that must be asked:

    Do you ever write with a pen, Walt?

    I use a pen at work, and sometimes to make a quick to-do list, but when I WRITE, it’s always electronically. In other words, my pens stay pretty full of ink. 😏How about you?

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    1. Actually Tom, that’s how i write, the old fashioned way. I write everything in a notebook, ideas, notes, possible titles, and the post/poem itself. I then type it into a word processor (I’m cheap so I use Open Office Writer)and add a pic. I then copy and paste it into WordPress. Time consuming I know, but during the typing and the cut and paste I do my editing and proofreading. Like i said, the old fashioned way. ☺

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