Become The Beast

There will come a time When the words won't come When your fingers cramp And your mind won't work Sit back and remember Why you write Become the beast Let yourself roar Your demons will flee And the words will come ~The Tennessee Poet~ ©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


Dead Man Breathing

Somewhere along my life I met up with the Queen of Sorrow It was to her that I sold my soul And now I'm as dead as yesterday She took my heart, my love, my all So now I sit back Remembering how my end began The Queen of Sorrow won again And I'm as... Continue Reading →

What The Hell Is Happening To Me?

He couldn't remember why he was here Or where here was God knows he tried Again and again But nothing came to him He had started his day like he always did A shower, shave, coffee, oatmeal or a bagel Just another day. Nothing special Nothing different... Until... The dizziness hit him like a firestorm... Continue Reading →

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