I Want To Write I want to writeI want to feel the rushas words form in my mind I want to feelthe ink flowingthrough my penas words are writtenin my notebook I want imagesto form in my mindas I readwhat I have written I want to write poetryabout love, pain,nature and earth's beauty I want... Continue Reading →

I Will Write I will writeUntil I can't see the pageUntil my fingers can't hold a penUntil my words start appearing backwardsUntil nothing I write makes any sense I will writeUntil I run out of wordsUntil my heart says “stop”Until I have lost my desireUntil my words mean nothing to me I will writeUntil I... Continue Reading →

A Poet’s Emptiness ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

A Poet is a writer An Artist A Philosopher He spends time writing Reading Imagining Searching for words Or a single word It sounds so easy So relaxing It is not It is a constant search Filled with decisions Stress, feelings of inadequacy He works hard To make his poetry rhythmical And when he finishes... Continue Reading →

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