The End Is Just The Beginning I have no fear of the end I'm certainly not pushing it but I'm feeling a sense of excitement about it there is certainly a new beyond at the end a beyond filled with new adventures new beginnings, new poetry ideas we shouldn't be apprehensive about the end we... Continue Reading →

When Things Go Wrong things have a wayof always going wrong always unexpectedlyalways at the wrong time you get sickagain you needanother surgery again your water linesprings a leak again but we never give upwe never give in it's when things seem the worstthat you must not quit ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts laughingcrying livingdying leg crampsbroken lamps walks in the parkbut not after dark angels protect usso demons won't get us denialsurvival motivatorscarburetors rock and rollstole my soul impactretract is this the beginningor is it the end climate changeis melting our brains everything's differentnothing's the same except my love for youthat will always remain ~The... Continue Reading →

Why? ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

“I wrote this poem to cover many different circumstances... chronic illness and pain, incurable disease, marital problems and many more. Each reader will relate to it differently.” ~ The Tennessee Poet Losing control Fighting the truth Trying to hide it Not sure what I feel Denying the reality Wondering how Wondering when Questioning Why? ~The... Continue Reading →

A Poet’s Emptiness ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

A Poet is a writer An Artist A Philosopher He spends time writing Reading Imagining Searching for words Or a single word It sounds so easy So relaxing It is not It is a constant search Filled with decisions Stress, feelings of inadequacy He works hard To make his poetry rhythmical And when he finishes... Continue Reading →

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