The Time Has Come

The time has come I knew that it would But it must be done And it needs to be good So sit down and write Put the laptop away Put your pen to paper today Turn off the TV Turn off your phone Don't answer the door Nobody's home If you want to improve Then... Continue Reading →

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Ashes Of Our Past

We all have them Haunting us Never leaving us alone The ashes of our past We had buried them deep In the caves of our mind Not wanting to remember Not wanting to care But they don't stay buried They continue to rise We try to ignore them But they always come back They're a... Continue Reading →

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May We Meet Again

She and I are bonded souls Together in so many lifetimes Always the same, but different too We'll meet again, we always do Years will come and years will go We'll meet again, this we know Our love will help us find our way To love again on a brand new day For ours is... Continue Reading →

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My Kind Of Rain

She's my kind of rain My sunset shadow Together in this brief eternity She's my lost companion My dreaming tree Summer days Winter snows She's all things to behold She walks through my fantasy Raindrops glistening in her hair Her loveliness seduces me And we make love in the rain Photo courtesy of Pixabay Copyright... Continue Reading →

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No One

There will never be a time When I don't feel you in my heart When I don't feel your love In the misty dew of dawn And the brilliance of a sunset I see you I need you I love you There is no one who can love you Like I do Photo by Bruno Sousa on Unsplash Copyright... Continue Reading →

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Old Buildings Have Soul… And So Do Old Men

When I look at old buildings I see classic designs Constructed to withstand The ravages of time I'm like an old building I have endured the passing of time Old buildings have soul And so do old men The stories we keep Tucked away in ourselves Are like unwritten books Gathering dust on a shelf... Continue Reading →

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Open the Book ~ #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Spilling from pages, in mysterious ways

Spirits unfold, in a mystical haze

Open the book, and magic appears

Bound, indeed, to the celestial sphere

Floating on air, they dance as you read

Wafting with words, is all that they need

To bring you life, from the far beyond

Watching you closely, as you respond

To the joys they breathe, and you take it all in

Turning the pages, again and again

©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Morning Light

With the morning light comes new life New beginnings to replace old endings And with each day that comes We go on We learn to live again In the morning light we see ourselves We realize that we are alive We are reminded that it's all right We need a little loving with the morning... Continue Reading →

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Moments Of Forgiveness

There are moments we regret Moments we wish could be taken back And yet there are other moments Moments of forgiveness Forgiveness depends on the love we have Love for each other, love for ourselves We know that we must first forgive ourselves Before we can ask another to forgive us These are the moments... Continue Reading →

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Silent Wings

Isn't it strange how sadness Seems to come on silent wings You think things are going well And you never see it coming And then... You can't hide what you feel inside And your prayers Seem to go unanswered But then something happens Something good arrives On silent wings Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All... Continue Reading →

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Only I

I’m happy to share this post from my fellow blogger Silia. Please visit her blog As Told By Silia.

As Told By Silia

This life
It takes your breathe away
And It doesn’t give it back.
The world we live in
Is stormy and cold as ice.
We’re all a heartbeat from heaven
We’re all a blink away from the darkness
So love me now
Let me love you like only I could


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A wonderful poem by my good friend Charmed Chaos 🙂 Be sure tto visit her blog!

Charmed Chaos


-Linda Lee Lyberg

Once all shiny and new
His paint is now worn and weathered
Floating in the air, he flew
Round and round, though tethered.

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Pleasures of you… #RomanticTuesday

  I am sharing this #RomanticTuesday poem by my good friend and talented writer, Putting My Feet In The Dirt. Please visit her blog and enjoy her way with words 🙂

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She comes to me softly In the night Visions of her beauty Flood my senses She touches me softly Gently Smiling as she whispers Words of love In that special moment Her eyes sparkle softly And we kiss Oh so softly Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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May It Be

May it be That you find peace with the doves And let yourself be free May it be That you find love in your life And music in your soul May it be That you find laughter And feel soft breezes in your heart May it be That the child in you Rises like the... Continue Reading →

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They came out of the sea Rising in splendor and love He came out of the earth His dark beauty shining The dolphins and the panther Both strong and sleek Filled with power and beauty Watching each other With admiration and trust Believing in truth and honor Our strength is together Our strength is within... Continue Reading →

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Solitary Road

I walk alone Along this solitary road Memories tucked safely away In a corner of my mind The days are filled with fog The mists of remembering I shiver with the dampness And walk further along My solitary road The path I walk Is of my own choosing To be alone was the only choice... Continue Reading →

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A New Day Has Come

With every door that closes A new door opens Every dawn brings a new day Only you will know the way For every lost love A new love will surface For every lost dream A new dream will come true When you return to who and what You truly are, you will know A new... Continue Reading →

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Steal Your Heart Away

Come to me now Take my hand I will steal your heart away Look within yourself I can see it waiting I can feel your longing I can sense your hunger Open your soul Take my hand Come into my world I will be your guide In a world you've never known Experience it now... Continue Reading →

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Softly Falling

Softly falling Like a gentle rain On a summer day Softly falling In love With your passion Your tenderness The excitement Of your fingertips Softly caressing my skin Like only you can Softly falling Feeling you near Loving you endlessly Holding you close And I am Softly falling In love With you Again Copyright ©... Continue Reading →

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When Green Becomes Blue

When green becomes blue You will feel my presence For I am always with you Feel me on the soft breeze Hear my whispers as you sleep My love surrounds you Watching over you I am there Feel me with you When green becomes blue Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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Your Journey Home

Sooner or later We all have to take it The journey home You may never know when But we'll all take the journey They know you are coming They're waiting to see you You won't need a suitcase No need for a cane They won't be needed You won't be the same You will be... Continue Reading →

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There is always one thing That brings us pleasure There is always one thing That lets us capture another's soul If there was just one more thing I could do in my life It would be Kissing... You. Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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In My Life

In our lives We set our own destiny Knowing that Who and what we are Will be returned to us By those around us In my life I have lived Who I am What is within me I have a great love And I have lost love I have been knocked down And stood back... Continue Reading →

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I Am An Open Heart Surgery Survivor

How It Began It all started 7 long years ago with a routine physical when I turned 65 in 2009 . An echo-cardiogram revealed an ascending aortic aneurysm and some regurgitation in my aortic valve. A CT scan report showed the aneurysm to be relatively small and the valve leakage to be minimal. I had... Continue Reading →

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In The Dark

In the dark I lay next to you Listening As the music of the darkness Enters my mind Filling me with emotion In the dark I watch you breathe The slow, gentle breathing That I know so well In the dark Your gentle touch Your soft love sounds Your passion Your heat I remember them... Continue Reading →

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If Only We’d Tried

If only we'd tried Taken the time Stopped to take a breath Taken a break Worked things out We would still be together If only I had set aside my pride Been more patient If only we had realized Looked into our hearts The answers may have been there The sadness might be gone We... Continue Reading →

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I’ll Take The Rain

It was late The rain fell softly As we said our goodbyes The thunder echoed through my head So much was left unsaid So much was left undone So many dreams So many sorrows We said our goodbyes And you walked away And as I drove away I smiled and thought to myself I'll take... Continue Reading →

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Only Time

Time is all we have they say Time to live, to love To laugh, to play Don't ever let time slip away Enjoy the time you have today And don't let anything take it away Hold your loved ones close each day For only time can take them away Only time can bring us together... Continue Reading →

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Oceans of Memories

In our minds There is a yearning In our hearts There is a remembering We can feel the waves We can smell the sea We can sense our beginnings And we feel the soft breeze And we are filled With Oceans of Memories Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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Tears In The Rain

Softly falling rain Trickles down your face The bright glow of lightning Lights a summer night The soft moans of the wind through the leaves The sky is shedding tears Raindrops splashing all around you Puddles everywhere The beauty of a summer storm Surrounds you with renewal If you look closely you can see Tears... Continue Reading →

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I feel you Close to me And lightning flashes in my mind The nearness of you The softness of you The scent of you Fills my senses You excite me Thrill me Your heart beats with mine And I am filled with your spirit Your nearness is here Calming me The peace of your smile... Continue Reading →

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Night Wind

The night wind blows softly Caressing me with thoughts of you The cares of the day slip away And I am filled with calmness The night wind brings memories Sweet thoughts of our time shared The kiss of the breeze is gentle And I again feel your presence The night wind whispers words of love... Continue Reading →

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A Moment In Time

As I look into your eyes I am captured in the moment The touch of your hand The sweet scent of you Remain in my soul Captured in the moment As I look back in time I see that you are now Even more beautiful Watching you move Hearing your sighs Tasting your love I... Continue Reading →

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The Flame Still Burns

The flame still burns in my heart Warming me with the nearness of you Feeling you beside me ignites the flame And the passion starts to burn The fire still burns in my soul Feeling the caress of your fingertips Breathing in the scent of you Tasting the essence of you And the flame still... Continue Reading →

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Here I am... drifting Floating along on the clouds Watching the world below passing slowly by As I again ride the moments of the day I'm carried away on the tides of time Drifting with the wind and the waves Not caring where I'm going As long as it leads me to you Drifting along,... Continue Reading →

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You Are The One

You are the one The only one Our time together Is filled with love The touch of your hand The sweetness of your kiss The way you make me smile The way you make me laugh The love you give The way you hold me The way you need me Is everything to me You... Continue Reading →

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Our Sweet Willow

Our sweet Willow went to sleep peacefully at 12:15 this afternoon while I knelt beside her, petting her and comforting her. Her suffering is done and she is now free of pain. She was met at the Rainbow Bridge by her brother Dusty and her pack mates Dakota, Belle, Ellie Mae and Rose. She is... Continue Reading →

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To Touch The Sky

Together we have found everlasting love We have found peace Side by side Hand in hand Nothing else matters Except what we feel Except who we are And what we do Our love has lasted For a thousand years And it will last For a thousand more Our destiny has found us again Our souls... Continue Reading →

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There For Me

Whenever I am sad Whenever I need love Whenever I need you You're there for me Whenever I need help Whenever I am lost Whenever I need your touch You're there for me You're my reason for living My guardian angel In everything I do You're there for me All that I am is because... Continue Reading →

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And Time Stood Still

I looked at you I saw your smile I touched your cheek And time stood still You came to me You took my hand I couldn't breathe And time stood still I held your hand And pulled you close I kissed your lips And time stood still It felt so good On that starry night... Continue Reading →

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I’ll Be Here

When you're lonely Feeling down When You're happy or afraid In the dark of the night Or the dawn of the day I'll be here When you need me By your side When you call out my name When you're angry or laughing When you need to explode I'll be here I'll be here Just... Continue Reading →

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The Valley Of Healing Waters

In the Valley of Healing Waters Where the unicorns play I will protect you And keep you safe In your mind I am there In your heart I am there In your soul I am there I am with you always In the corners of your mind Watching over you Take my hand Walk with... Continue Reading →

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Kiss Me Now

Come close to me my love Look into my eyes See my passion Feel my heartbeat The time is right The time is now We've played the game And we both will win We have waited too long Let's capture this moment We know in our hearts That it's what we both want Come to... Continue Reading →

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The Oh Of Pleasure

The Oh of Pleasure Has many meanings It's whatever you want it to be Whatever you need it to be It is what you feel at the moment What takes your breath away What gives each of us pleasure Is personal... private... It can be so many things... The beauty of a sunset The dawn... Continue Reading →

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At Last

At last we have found peace As last we are free Holding each other again In the fading hours of twilight We are here on the shore And we smile Knowing our love has come again The sound of the surf surrounds us As the day turns into night Nothing can come between us now... Continue Reading →

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Dream Walkin’

She walks through my dream In the darkness of night When I close my eyes She is there Smiling... Blowing soft kisses From her sensuous lips Her hair billows softly In the night breezes She's calling my name again And I remember In my dream I walk with her Talk with her... hold her close... Continue Reading →

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Angel Eyes

Your eyes See the secrets of my soul Your eyes See what I am Who I am My Love...My Desire... My Hunger Your eyes Saw the love Saw the smile Saw the passion And they smiled Your eyes Are the eyes of an angel An angel that saved me An angel that protects me Your... Continue Reading →

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His Body Is Hurting

He thought it was over, but it wasn't Perhaps it never would be So many times he came close, but never close enough Nothing seemed to stop it The end was sometimes in sight, but never reachable He tried everything he could Every suggestion, every trick Nothing worked His silent cries for help went unanswered... Continue Reading →

The Colors of Night ~ #poetry

A beautiful poem from my friend Dorinda at Night Owl Poetry. Please read and enjoy her writings!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

The stardust fell, in a quiet array

Nightfall enveloped the colors of day

Moon dust soon followed, the glow of the light

Made ethereal shadows, ever so bright

She appeared with eyes closed, unable to see

The beauty she showered, her diversity

And though she was different, she never asked why

She blended so beautifully, with the moon and sky

For she was the star, she was Heaven’s delight

Whose beauty would shine, through the colors of night

©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Walt Page

Brave and Reckless

Don’t stop writing, keep on going

Live your life and keep the words flowing

You’ve done it before, you can do it again

Don’t let life pass you by too quickly my friend

Yesterday’s gone, today’s almost done

Don’t stop writing, tomorrow will come

Believe in yourself, your followers do

They love what you write, they believe in you

Tell us your thoughts, we’re waiting for you

Capture our minds with words that are new

I write this for me, I needed to hear it

Because I’m a writer, and I’ll never quit

Whenever I find that I’m getting stuck

I just keep on writing, no matter what

So when you find yourself on the brink

Pick up your pen and turn blood into ink


Copyright © 2017 Walt Page

All Rights Reserved

Just a romantic old rock & roll drummer, US Air Force veteran and open heart surgery…

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