#Sedoka: Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner Family all together Turkey's cooking, almost done Hugs, love, laughs and smiles Prayers and thanks fill our hearts Thirty one days 'til Christmas ©Walt Page 2017

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Thanksgiving Thoughts & Memories

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we'd go! Thanksgiving was always a very special time when I was growing up. Mom and Dad would load my brother Paul and I in Dad's Oldsmobile 98 and off we'd go. We would travel either to Connecticut to Dad's parents or New Hampshire to... Continue Reading →

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#Elfje: Wondering

Tears Silently falling Is it over? Perhaps a new beginning? Wondering ©Walt Page 2017

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#Sedoka: Our Magical Love

When I fell in love It was with the soul of you Your magic filled me with hope As the years have passed Our love is still magical We are even more in love ©Walt Page 2017

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Hear Me Lord

Are you there Lord? Can you hear me? I need you Lord... Can you help me? Can you guide me? Help me follow you... Let me see your light... Show me the way... I will follow... ©Walt Page 2017

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#Sedoka: I Am A Poet

I am a poet I make music with my words My thoughts become the lyrics My heart keeps the beat My life forms the melody And I find my peace again ©Walt Page 2017

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Old Stone Walls… Memories Of A Time Gone By

In a time many years ago, old dirt roads and homes were lined with old stone walls made from stones unearthed when fields were cleared and plowed. It was a simpler time, a time of dirt roads, sipping lemonade while sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch. Cows and horses roamed the fields... Continue Reading →

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Sharing A Dream

When we met we shared a dream... A life in the country... A life renewed by love... A life filled with music... A life together forever... A home filled with animals... We shared our dreams... And we made them come true. ©Walt Page 2017

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Like Red On A Rose

Like red on a rose Her love shines Filling my heart Caressing my soul Like red on a rose The beauty of her soul Shines through Creating a world of beauty A world of dreams Like red on a rose ©Walt Page 2017

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My Thoughts On The Opioid Epidemic And Why They Should Matter

My thoughts and why they should matter

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The Spirit In The Mirror

Every time I look in a mirror This old man is looking back If I turn my head to my left He turns his to his right If I smile, he smiles If I frown, he frowns “What is it about you?” I say to myself “I'm everything you are” Said the man from the... Continue Reading →

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‘Twas The Night Of The Spirits

Goblins and ghosts, raptors and queens A night full of wonder, a night filled with screams Cemetery headstones rattle and shake Bats fly low seeking victims to take Children in costumes yell “Trick or Treat” It's candy they seek, chewy and sweet It's a mother's nightmare, a dentist's delight But the children are happy, it's... Continue Reading →

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Follow Me

Follow me Let me guide you and protect you Let me help you learn the way Let me show you the magic Follow me Take the power and set yourself free Learn to trust Learn to be confident Look within yourself and Follow me Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved Inspired by the... Continue Reading →

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Find your true feelings Find your true calling Feel your passion Feel that which is within you Feel who you are What you are Feel your hopes Your dreams For only then Can you truly write What you feel Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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Fading Hues

The fading hues of the evening surround us Bringing the memories of the day The music of the night Echoes through the mist The sounds of silence fill our hearts And we again fall in love Though the evening hues fade into darkness The love we share grows stronger Never to fade With the fading... Continue Reading →

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Walk With Me

Walk with me Through the images created in my mind Help me choose the words That may or may not rhyme Feel the pain that has become My reality Walk with me Help the words come more easily Walk with me Whisper words of passion in my ear Tell me that writing Is why I... Continue Reading →

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The Thoughts In My Head

So many thoughts live in my head So many words that yearn to be said Bouncing, spinning, whirling away Maybe I need to write some today The words fall together as I pick up my pen Words that I write are all like old friends Words about living and loving are alive once again They... Continue Reading →

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Maybe It’s Time

As I sit alone and wonder I hear the distant sound of thunder A storm is brewing, following a line And I say to myself, “Maybe it's time” Have I done enough? Have I been good enough? Have I expected too much? Has my pain become my crutch? All of you are like family to... Continue Reading →

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Do You Dream Of Me?

In the still of the night When you close your eyes Do you dream of me? In the heat of the day When your mind wanders Do you dream of me? When you hear that song When you feel that breeze Do you dream of me? Our love is alive And I dream of you... Continue Reading →

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Face To Face

Face to face That's how I want you To love me Body to body That's how I want you To need me Whisper to me softly As we hold each other See the love in my eyes And love me Face to Face Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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Update On My Medical Expenses

  I'm reposting this today, since my first medical bills have started to arrive. It's been 3 weeks since my surgery and bills so far amount to over $700. We've only raised $150 and we are grateful for that. My wife Susan has been on family medical leave without pay, so we have no income for... Continue Reading →

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Butterflies Don’t Lie

They say that Butterflies don't lie When our eyes meet Do you feel butterflies? Do they speak truth? Does your heart find peace? Follow your heart Follow what is real For butterflies don't lie Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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Better Off Alone

There are times in our lives Times when we know That we're better off alone Times when we know That we can't go back To what never was But there are also times When we know That we're not The secret lies In choosing wisely Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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We all have a love A love that is so sweet So enduring That when we think of The love we share We are moved Sometimes to tears It is the bittersweet moments That we remember Always Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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The Spirit Of An Angel

Listen... Can you hear it? Can you feel her presence? Can you feel her angel spirit Gently washing over you? Each night in my heart I feel the spirit of my angel Bringing me strength Love And renewal The spirit of my angel Protects me and I sleep The spirit of my angel Is with... Continue Reading →

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Wind Love

Feel my spirit fill you I am with you always I am your wind I am your love I am your passion The wind brings love The wind brings passion Come to me now Ride the wind with me Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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Our Song Of Love

Whenever I hear it I still think of you Remembering the day that we both said “I Do”, Our wedding was held at Medieval Times As we smiled through tears of joy, we were crying Years have come and years have gone And I still remember our Wedding song “Poeme” by Secret Garden played that... Continue Reading →

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Guilty As Charged

Three life changing words. Career ending words. Words that will always be with you. It doesn't matter what you did. It doesn't matter why. What matters is that you did it. Whatever IT was, you did it. You are guilty as charged. You now have to accept what you did. The guilt will always be... Continue Reading →

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The Angels Are Weeping

As I was drifting in and out of sleep Lost in the haze of awareness and dreams I heard the sadness of voices And I realized that the angels were weeping So much destruction, so many deaths The flooding, fires, suffering and pain I heard angelic voices that were not often heard And I said... Continue Reading →

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A Peaceful Harbor

There are moments in our lives When we all need a peaceful harbor When the realities of our lives Become overwhelming My wish for you all is to be at peace To take the time you need for yourselves To enjoy the images my words may create for you And to know that you are... Continue Reading →

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One Step At A Time

One step at a time Starting today Never stop trying You'll find a way Don't think about tomorrow It's true what they say One day at a time Day by day Yesterday's gone Replaced by today It's the way of the world There's no other way Make the most of today Go out and play... Continue Reading →

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Don’t Let Go

When you have something good Don't let go When you have something real Something right Don't let go When you know in your heart When you feel it inside No matter how hard it may be Don't let go Take this feeling And let it grow Never let it go Copyright © 2017 Walt Page... Continue Reading →

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Everything You Do

When I look at you I see love I see passion I see your heart Everything you do Brings me closer to you This is where I want to be Forever with you Nobody else could ever do Everything you do Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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Deep Inside

When I look in your eyes I see it Deep inside When I feel your touch I feel it Deep Inside When I hear your voice I know it Deep inside When your lips touch mine I shiver Deep Inside When we're apart You're with me Deep inside Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights... Continue Reading →

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Ever I Love You

There comes a time When we must return We know in our hearts It is where we started We found love again In the memories of our pasts And we knew... we remembered A time gone by A love almost forgotten And we knew And now, now it is time Time to return And you... Continue Reading →

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Everything Is Different Now

In life there are always changes How we handle them Is a true measure of our character We can give up and quit Run away and hide Or we can stand and fight I have had good changes And I have had bad But each time, I held my head up and said “Everything is... Continue Reading →

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Night Prayer

My night prayer for you Is for happiness and peace For love in your heart And compassion in your soul My night prayer for you Is for good health Good cheer, good friends And good fortune My night prayers are with you Always Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

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The Warmth Of Your Surrender

As we begin to make love in the dark I can feel the steady beat of your heart The love that we share is sweetness and light The warmth of your surrender is complete tonight You've surrendered your mind, your body and soul A gift that you've given to me to hold To love you... Continue Reading →

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The Breathing Of My Heart

My notebook is filled With the breathing of my heart Poems I've written that come from within Words that don't rhyme wondering where to begin As I put pen to paper the ink starts to flow Words hidden inside me are now free to grow They have stories to tell and lyrics to form My... Continue Reading →

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There’s a lot to be Thankful for in this World

On this Thanksgiving Eve, my friend Mackenzie gives us wonderful things to be thankful for. Please visit her blog at lifewithanilllness.com 😊💛

Life with an Illness

I have some exciting news! I did a special guest post! Thank you Anindya for giving me the honor of being a guest on your blog! Please check out his blog! Here is the post I wrote on the website!
In life, we get handed dark times. However, even in the darkest times, it is possible to still find light through it. At times it may seem absolutely impossible when you are handed tough, after tough situations. I have several chronic illnesses, and I have daily appointments, and constantly hurting, but I am here to tell you no matter the circumstance, it is possible to still be Thankful. Here are things to be Thankful for.
  • Your support system. 
One of the best feelings in the world is knowing you have…

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Posted on our Veteran’s Day. Please visit her blog ❤

Spark. Ignite. Flare.

Slash my wings,
Burn me down,
Destroy my nest,
I. Will. Rise. Again.

– Roshni
I sketched the eagle in this picture as part of Inktober 2017 and it’s one of my favourites. A front view of the same is the Logo of this blog.
Why eagle? To depict pure rage. To let the Ravenclaw break free and fly.

Inspiration: A line from the poem written for me by a close friend.

Eagle Rise

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