Hi, I’m Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet, a romantic old Rock & Roll drummer living the country life in Tennessee with my wife Susan, our horse Teaka and our 9 rescue dogs – Isabelle, Holly, Jesse, Bella, Bluebell, Finnegan. Mimi. Jill and Jenny.

I am a retired Tourist Attractions Executive, Resort Operations Executive, and Chamber of Commerce Executive. I am  a Certified Tennessee Tourism Executive and served on Governor Haslam’s Tennessee Tourism Committee. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Wagner College on Staten Island.

I have lived for 76 years with many experiences and lessons to share. I have always enjoyed writing and creating websites with words, photos and music that fit a particular thought or theme. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a brother-in-law, an uncle and a cousin. I am a US Air Force veteran, a musician, an open heart surgery survivor and a preacher’s kid. I have written essays, lyrics & melodies, poetry, newsletters, policies & procedures, love letters and eulogies. I have been published in Slasher Monster Magazine, Visual Verse and Vita Brevis.

Welcome to my world. The world of Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet.


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