River Girl She loved the watershe would sit on a rockin the riverletting the cool waterwash over her feetas she sang her songs and dreamed offalling in love she was justa poor country girlliving in a cabinin the woodsalong the river she loved the riverand everydayshe would siton a river rocksinging her songsand dreaming she... Continue Reading →

Branches they had grown togethercloser... intertwinedlike branches of trees they livedfor each otherbecause of each other through all kinds of weatherrain, snow,heat, cold every day brought themclosertogether their lovemade themstronger their branchesgrew strongand tough if shegrew weakhe gave her strength they were inseparablebecause of whatthey shared Their Branches ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights... Continue Reading →

Wildflowers And Wine Remembering my younger dayswalking through fields of wildflowerswith my best girl (at the time)and a bottleof Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine Sitting in the shade of an old oak treewatching the wildflowers sway in the breezewhile we listened to songs we recordedon a cassette from our scratchy old recordsand sipping sweet wine... Continue Reading →

Morning Light There is something magicalabout morning light as the sun rises, darkness fadeschildren who are afraid of the darkbreathe sighs of relief the night creatures are gonevampires get back in their coffinswhile other demons of the nightreturn to their dark hiding places the morning light reveals the earth's beautybirds start singingrejoicing in the rising... Continue Reading →

Adelita They called her Adelita every afternoonshe would goto the village squareto hear the guitars playand she would dance she was young and beautifuland loved to dance all the young men would call,“Dance Adelita, Dance” she had her choiceof any of thembut her heartbelonged to Alessandro he knew her heart was hisand his belonged only... Continue Reading →

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