Walking In The Wind there is something specialabout walking in the windit is refreshing... rejuvenating...everything looks differentfeels different, is different on a windy daythe sound of the windblowing through the treescreates its own melodythe fallen leaves rustleas you walk through themthe air is coolera sign of the winter weather to come just walking alongremembering childhood... Continue Reading →

Hello Donald Hello Donaldit's me againyour conscience are you almost done sulking?you really do need to concedeJoe beat you fair and square you're hurting the country Donaldby not starting the transitionand trying to overturn the election but of course you never did carewho you hurt257,000 dead Americansbecause you didn't dowhat needed to be done you... Continue Reading →

Shadows they are always with usthey are a part of ussometimes in back of ussometimes in front our kids have them, animals toobuildings, treeseverything we seecast shadows shadows follow usdisappearingreappearinga part of us aging as we agedoing everything we dolaughing, cryingliving and dying and when we dieour shadows live onour spirits never dieand are always... Continue Reading →

Eternal Love We love each otherWe've loved for many yearsin many lifetimes We have lived, we have diedWe've been together, we've been apartNothing has changedThe love in our hearts We've ridden the winds,survived the stormsFought side by side in battlesDanced until dawn The sun has risenThe sun has setWe'll be togetherfor many lifetimes yet When... Continue Reading →

When We Were Kids We all remember our first lovesWhen we were kidsLittle girls and little boysgiggling and laughing Holding hands and making plansNot really knowing what love wasBut we liked the feeling, laughing and blushingwhen our friends would sing, "Susan and Walter, sitting in a treeK-i-s-s-i-n-gFirst comes love, then comes marriageThen comes Walter with... Continue Reading →

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