A Writer’s Confession

Have you ever wondered why you write? Is it for me or is it for you? Am I writing for the right reasons? And what are the “right reasons”? Do I write to get likes? Comments? Followers? Or do I write because the words inside me Simply need to be put on paper? I write... Continue Reading →

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Words On Words

It's the words we write that set us apart Words on words that come from our heart It's 3 A.M. Central Time And I need a word that rhymes with time Mine? Wine? Fine? Sign? More words on words while I try to decide It's a poet's lament every time Our OCD says it has... Continue Reading →

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Find your true feelings Find your true calling Feel your passion Feel that which is within you Feel who you are What you are Feel your hopes Your dreams For only then Can you truly write What you feel Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

The Thoughts In My Head

So many thoughts live in my head So many words that yearn to be said Bouncing, spinning, whirling away Maybe I need to write some today The words fall together as I pick up my pen Words that I write are all like old friends Words about living and loving are alive once again They... Continue Reading →

Better Off Alone

There are times in our lives Times when we know That we're better off alone Times when we know That we can't go back To what never was But there are also times When we know That we're not The secret lies In choosing wisely Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

Guilty As Charged

Three life changing words. Career ending words. Words that will always be with you. It doesn't matter what you did. It doesn't matter why. What matters is that you did it. Whatever IT was, you did it. You are guilty as charged. You now have to accept what you did. The guilt will always be... Continue Reading →

One Step At A Time

One step at a time Starting today Never stop trying You'll find a way Don't think about tomorrow It's true what they say One day at a time Day by day Yesterday's gone Replaced by today It's the way of the world There's no other way Make the most of today Go out and play... Continue Reading →

The Breathing Of My Heart

My notebook is filled With the breathing of my heart Poems I've written that come from within Words that don't rhyme wondering where to begin As I put pen to paper the ink starts to flow Words hidden inside me are now free to grow They have stories to tell and lyrics to form My... Continue Reading →

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