What’s Done Is Done ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

The time has come What's done is done It can't be undone Does no good to run There's no need to cry A line from a song Will help you understand why “Cause if you run you die And I'm just too tired to care” The pills no longer help So you pray for forgiveness... Continue Reading →

Wherever You Go ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I will always be Wherever you go Wherever you are I'll be there It may be Only in your mind Or the feeling When a breeze Kisses your neck You will see me In the clouds Looking down at you And reciting my poetry My words Are carried in the wind Riding a direct path... Continue Reading →

I Am ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I am the rain Washing over you Cleansing everything I touch I am the snow Falling softly on you Cooling your skin And melting your hardness I am the wind Blowing through your hair Refreshing you Blowing away the worries Of your day I am fire Burning brightly Warming you Heating your food and drink... Continue Reading →

The Silence ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Listen! Can you hear it? I can feel it Surrounding me Its power is incredible Like a sudden flash of lightning On a humid summer night When the wind has ceased to exist If only for a moment Only a few of us Can hear the Silence An ability passed down Through countless generations A... Continue Reading →

“As night slowly draws a veil over dusk” my #poem #poetry

Beautiful poetry describing day becoming night.

Visionary Poems

As night slowly draws a veil over dusk

The fading day dons layer upon layer

Of increasingly dark robes and shrouds and weeds of a funereal hue

Appropriate to the imminent demise that confronts the old figure now

Bent and moving with difficulty

Bowed down by both age and grief

Closer and closer it seems to draw to its companion the sea

Perhaps for comfort

Perhaps simply because it is weakened from the effort of dying

As from the blue sky of the day’s younger self

Grew so quickly the symptoms and indications

Of a life ebbing away

Not long left to live now

And then suddenly

The day’s end is reached and is mercifully quick

A handful of gulls attired in funeral rags

A flock of almost invisible black etchings

Against a now unlit sky

Pay their respects in silence

And vanish into the distant eternity

The twilight sky…

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I Am Thankful ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

On this Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2019 I am especially thankful for my wife Susan Our sons, Kevin, Jarrod and Nathan Our daughters in law, Melanie and Alyssa Our grandsons, Cayden, Harrison and Holden And our 10 rescue dogs and our horse Teaka When I first started Walt's Writings 21 months ago I had no... Continue Reading →

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