The Drummer ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet There comes a timeIn a man's lifeWhen he sits and remembersHe recalls his youthAnd the years passedHis age has becomeSomewhat of a burdenHe smiles thoughRemembering his daysBehind the drumsWhen his legs and armsWere limber and pain freeHe can tell youAlmost every placeHe ever playedAnd close to every... Continue Reading →

The Unknowing ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet I was standing thereAloneNakedNo idea whereNo idea whyNothing aroundNo soundsWondering what was to happenThe sun felt goodOn my naked skinI could moveSo I slowly stepped forwardOne step at a timeUsing my cane for balanceI was taking stepsBut not movingI felt like I had been here beforeAt another... Continue Reading →

Night Wind ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet The night wind carries treasuresMemories of The Ancient OnesMusic of the days gone byKnowledge of the scholarsSmells of the seasonsVoices of The EldersShadows of the pastAre carried through the dark forestThe sounds of still waterCause ripples in the MystAs the sun risesYou see shadows in the MystThe... Continue Reading →

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