Against The Next War


This is a poem written by Paul Sunstone. Please read and reblogg if you wish to do so.

Against the Next War

(About a 3 minute read)

The internet has made it now
Bound to happen
Tomorrow or the year after.
Bound to happen.

Up to you.

The politicians and the preachers,
The two dogs of the capitalist class,
Will once again want a war,
Just as they always do.

War to them is a gift, you see,
It’s not personal, it’s not their blood.
But war makes some folks rich
And you will never change that,
You will never change that,
Though the dogs will bark it’s not so.

A war of aggression
Against some people somewhere,

Most likely brown,
Most likely poor,
Most likely weak,
Most likely no real threat.

War for the sake of the banks
And for the merchants of death.
War for the…

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Porn Star Morning

This is just a whimsical piece and not autobiographical. Or is it? Only the shadow knows. Another long night More testing today His career almost over It was slipping away So many women Still wanted his mark But truth be told It now took him longer to start He wasn't as solid As he used... Continue Reading →

The Path

A heartwrenching poem of love lost too soon by my dear friend Linda Lyberg at Charmed Chaos.

Charmed Chaos
And when she arises from her watery grave,
in a smoky swirl above the calm frigid lake
she walks with him along a familiar trodden path,
feeling his heavy sadness and hot bitter wrath
for being forsaken.

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His Heart

A lovely poem on love that never dies by Antony King.

Morning came this dreary day

As he struggled to arise

To some, this day would come and go

But today held no disguise.

Many years have come and gone

As days merge into one

The bitter taste… in forsaken prayer,

Still weigh with heavy tone.

With aging eyes, he takes to path

The same as years before…

Pausing briefly for a moment…

For some flowers she adores.

He walks in quiet solitude

No thoughts to cloud his mind

His journey is but, at an end

He makes the final climb.

Today his heart is full of joy

His life has been complete…

As he gently lays the flowers

Where his heart is laid in peace.

Antony King 2018


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