The Child in You

A beautiful poem by my friend Frederic at Words In The Light


give Him a broken umbrella
He’d like to get wet in the rain

give Him seven-league boots
He dreams to walk among the stars

give Him the closed book of destiny
He can guess the story

give Him a bit of your time
and listen to your heartbeat

He loves to hear
the sound of a Life


© Frédéric Georges Martin

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I’ll Be Here Waiting

Whenever you feel A need to be loved I'll be here waiting You can count on my love When life overwhelms you And you just can't go on I'll be here waiting To help you be strong When happiness happens And you need to share I'll be here waiting To show you I care So... Continue Reading →

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A beautiful poem by my friend Dorinda at Night Owl Poetry ☺❤

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Sitting under that big old tree
Reminiscing about younger days
Thinking back on how we were
How the time has slipped away

Remembering the past
How we held it oh so close
Laughter, love and memories
Was what we cherished most

Sunlight shines upon us now
With a warm and tender glow
Calling us to journey forth
We have so far to go

Yes! Change of plan, change of pace
We’ll relish the time ahead
We shall never forget who we were
But remember who we are, instead

©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

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On The Outside Looking In

When the pain never ends And there's nowhere to run When your world has grown cold And your standing alone You feel like you're in a strange Sci-fi movie and you're now On the outside looking in When nothing seems right And everything's wrong The sky grows dark And the sun runs away You realize... Continue Reading →

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A magnificent poetic masterpiece!

My Sword and Shield....

So in love with the world was he
that there
at the end of all things
he could not bear to accept that all
would be lost

So he gathered the deepest blue of the sea
and set it within her eyes
he took the smell of a spring rain
and set it within her voice
he collected the stars from the heavens
and placed them within her smile
he pulled the moonlight from the roof of the world
and placed it beneath her skin
And though it scorched his hands
he seized the sun’s fire
and set it within her hair

and when the great yawing black
had finished
and all the remained was dust

we gathered upon the edge of creation
and we found her, there
and we remembered
and her name was

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