My Simple Poetry

I’m a simple man
With simple thoughts
I use simple words
Words from my heart

My poetry is as simple as I am
I don’t use big words
I don’t want my readers
To guess what I mean


I want them to know
To feel what I write
To understand my poetry
To be one with my poems

I live a simple life
I write about love
I can’t be fancy
That’s not who I am

The words I use are simple
Words everyone can understand
My poetry is simple
Words of love and hope from a simple man

©Walt Page 2018

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The Truth Of The Heart

In the twilight mist of early evening
Comes the tenderness of Ladyhawke
Softly caressing my soul with her beauty
And whispering words of love

In the twilight mists of the evening
She fills my heart with gladness
As we enjoy the beauty of our love
At peace with being One

In the twilight world of Poets and Ladyhawks
The Darkness brings the Light
The Truth of the Heart is renewed
And there is Love

©Walt Page 2018

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For You

For you I would
Reach to the heavens
And pull down a star

I would give you
The beauty of the sea
The romance of moonlit nights
The scent of night blooming jasmine
And the heart of a poet

For you
Only for you

©Walt Page 2018

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Be Free

Set yourself free
Leap with the dolphins
Fly with the eagles
Soar with the doves
Run with the horses

Find the love inside you
Embrace it
Let it set you free

Feel the presence of love
Spread your wings
And fly

It’s never too late

You can still be free

©Walt Page 2018

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The Life Of A Poet

A poet’s life is not what it seems

It’s much more than just words

More than stanzas, verses and rhymes

It’s writing through your chronic pain

Your grief and your failures

Your good days will shine

As your words start to flow

But your bad days will show

And everyone will know

So we take a deep breath and we write

Our words help relieve the pain

And get us through the day

Our words are our life

They give us hope and we go on

We love what we do

But not always what we write

Our hearts are shared with our words

Our souls are bared for all to see

We write to live, to share our love

We write for us and we write for you

Our words can hurt

Like the pain we feel

But they give us hope

While they help us heal

This is our life, our reality

We take each other on a journey of love

While God send us the words

On the wings of a dove

©Walt Page 2018

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Words Of A Poet

Piles of papers
Piles of notes
Filled with my writing
Words that I wrote

Words that had leaked
From my head to my pen
Maybe someday I’ll post them
Right now I don’t know when

Some words have no meaning
They’re different from the rest
The question I am faced with
Is will they stand the test

It doesn’t really matter
Much at all to me
Maybe when the time comes
I will hear their silent plea

I’ll put them in a poem
For all the world to see
I’ll show you all my poetry
You’ll then see the real me

©Walt Page 2018


Realm Of Reality

In a land far away
There’s a place poets play
Where words fly through the air
Hoping to be used somewhere

This is a Poet’s Realm
Where reality may not be real
Here a reader decides
Creative writing or the Poet’s reality?

Whichever you choose
Is all up to you
I’ll keep writing poems
For that’s what I do

Here in my Realm of Reality

©Walt Page 2018

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A Land Called Everdream

In my head there’s a land called Everdream
Where I write my poems under bright moonbeams
Where the ink flows from deep in my heart
And music is played on a golden harp

I write of kindness, beauty and love
Of blessings sent from the heavens above
Poems for lovers who renew their vows
Words on paper that I hope will arouse

Everdream, created by me, created for you
Where I write my poems, some old, some new
A magical place that’s found in my head
Where I work my magic that may never be read

I write for lovers whose stars have crossed
To make them realize they were never lost
My words will reach them in their dreams
And welcome them to Everdream

©Walt Page 2018


A Month of January Prompts In One Day

Thanks to Michelle of Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for the inspiration I got when I read her list of
daily prompts for the month of January.

I am a Poet… A Writer… Here is my story.

I took a drag and inhaled deeply, holding it
as long as I could, when suddenly my mind
was filled with Shimmers of Chartreuse.
I was not surprised since I had taken many
Moonlit Excursions while eating Butter Brickle.

I joined a group of lonely women who were
Teleporting Topless while their Alphabet Stew
was spelling Sinkholes and Sandpaper.

I added some Pinches of Positivity to lubricate
my old Rusty Bearings and then took several
Thirsty Gulps from the Sea of Chardonnay.

I started reading the book called Bankruptcy To Broadway
because my friends had Pestered and Polished me and
talked about the Glitz And Glam of the book. Before
I became Permanently Petrified by the book, I knew
that Mountains Must Move before Wild And Willful
Prickly Pears caused Drips Of Diversion.

So I stopped in at the Spotted Cow for a drink and
became Knackered And Numb. A band called
Once Upon A Princess was playing while a stripper
named Centerfold Sensations performed a routine
she called Captured In Corduroy.

Her agent, Felix Fineas, was secretly hiding
Troubling Truths about his Stormy And Dreamy past.
Seems that he had travelled Over The Esker and been
Dunked And Drizzled from the Bridge Beyond. He
had murdered his wife, another stripper named
Stinging Nettles.

But that, my friends, is another story to be told
in a Time Before Time.

Thanks Michelle!

©Walt Page 2017


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