This Is Me

This is me The way I am Love me or hate me But don't try to change me I'll treat you the same As you treat me I don't really care If you like me or not If you have something to say Say it to me I don't drop friends Because we disagree I'm... Continue Reading →


Down The River

There are stories to be told As you travel down the river Tales of men who lived Tales of men who died Times were hard Men were harder Men were killed And men survived Legends were born Like Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Heroes were made Like Davy Crockett Rivers gave life But could take... Continue Reading →

For All Of These And More

For being the reason For laughing For dancing Hot and heavy romancing For dreaming And scheming For giving me meaning For caring And sharing The life that we're living For long, sexy kisses And falling star wishes That all have come true Since I've been with you For candy cane mornings And heavy snow warnings... Continue Reading →

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