A Huge Thank You!

I'm taking a moment to thank all of you, my followers, for believing in my poetry, for your support and encouragement, and most of all, your friendship. I have gained so many friends here and love each and every one of you. Your comments have inspired me and encouraged me and that alone keeps me... Continue Reading →



A beautiful creature This magnificent beast Roaming alone Through the forests Of the night Walking slowly Through the falling snow Stopping to look up Howling at the full moon His howl is loud Pure Like nothing ever heard His snow-covered body Sleek and strong The last of his name Winterwolf Alone But he keeps going... Continue Reading →

For All Of These And More

For being the reason For laughing For dancing Hot and heavy romancing For dreaming And scheming For giving me meaning For caring And sharing The life that we're living For long, sexy kisses And falling star wishes That all have come true Since I've been with you For candy cane mornings And heavy snow warnings... Continue Reading →

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