Save Our Children – A Double Sedoka

Death is everywhere
No place is safe anymore
Our children are being shot

Stop all the madness
We’ve done nothing for too long
The time has come to end this

No more loss of life
It’s time to end this killing
Too much death, too much sadness

Now’s the time to act
Save our children, start today
Let them live to laugh and play

©Walt Page 2018

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Welcome To My World

One of my originals from early in 2000

The spray of the waves on your face
The palms rustling in the soft breeze
Eyes as blue as the ocean
Welcome to my world

The slow, golden setting of the sun
The cry of a solitary sandpiper
The scent of night blooming jasmine
Welcome to my world

The sound of slow jazz playing softly
The beauty of leaping dolphins
The rising of a full moon
Welcome to my world

©Walt Page 2000

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While You Loved Me

One of my originals from August 10, 2001

I remember us
I remember the smiles
The laughter… the love
I remember the sunsets
Walking along the shore
Hand in hand

I remember every moment
Of being with you
All these years
I remember

You were mine
You are mine
For all time
You were my beginning

How I loved
While you loved me

©Walt Page 2001

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The Life Of A Poet

A poet’s life is not what it seems

It’s much more than just words

More than stanzas, verses and rhymes

It’s writing through your chronic pain

Your grief and your failures

Your good days will shine

As your words start to flow

But your bad days will show

And everyone will know

So we take a deep breath and we write

Our words help relieve the pain

And get us through the day

Our words are our life

They give us hope and we go on

We love what we do

But not always what we write

Our hearts are shared with our words

Our souls are bared for all to see

We write to live, to share our love

We write for us and we write for you

Our words can hurt

Like the pain we feel

But they give us hope

While they help us heal

This is our life, our reality

We take each other on a journey of love

While God send us the words

On the wings of a dove

©Walt Page 2018

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The Unseen Hand

I have always felt
The presence of an unseen hand
That guides me and protects me
As I travel through this life

It comforts me
When I’m in pain
And when it senses danger
It pushes me away

The poetry I’m writing now
Is guided by the hand
It often even tells me
That it’s my biggest fan

When I don’t know just what to do
The hand will point the way
It sets me free to be myself
And write another day

Is it the Hand of God I feel?
His presence that surrounds me?
Or is it the unseen hand I feel
The one inside of me?

©Walt Page 2018

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Plight Of The Night Creatures

I had always heard the stories about them. The creatures who
were said to wander at night. It was told that they had been raised
from the dead… now in limbo with nowhere to go.

The plan had been to bring them fully back to life. But the experiment
failed. They were dead during the day, wandering mutants at night.
They had no elevator to heaven, no stairway to hell.

They weren’t vampires nor zombies. They were lost souls created
by a failed experiment. Revenge was what they wanted. Revenge
was what they’d get. They were coming for us.

©Walt Page 2018

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Whisper The Words

After my post on Tuesday called Words Of A Poet,
I was asked by several followers to post some of my
early poetry. This was originally posted on my
website on January 25, 2002.
I created the title image seen here.
I hope you enjoy it.

Whisper to me
Softly… gently
Tell me you love me
Capture my heart
As you whisper the words

Whisper sweet melodies
s we dance with each other
Look deep in my eyes

And whisper the words

©Walt Page 2002

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