A magical story in a poem by my friend Patty, writing as lovenlosses at beachlife.blog. Visit her blog, you’ll enjoy her writing.


via Daily Prompt: Forest


Deep within the forest
Lived a unicorn and a troll
The unicorn was a baby
And the troll…. not very old.

The troll and the unicorn
Were abandoned in the woods
Someone didn’t take the time
To love them like they should.

Thankfully a little boy
Out walking on his own
Came upon the two of them
And brought the two back home.

He hid them in his closet
They often slept under his bed
They were happy and carefree
And sometimes slept with him instead.

The three of them spent lots of time
Playing with his toys
They loved to play and sing to him
He was their very own sweet boy.

His parents were oblivious
They seldom came into his room
It became a magical abode
Filled with love and lots of tunes.

In time they got much bigger
It was time to…

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