Too Much To Lose

Sometimes we fall in love
Only to lose it

Sometimes we realize
That it was not meant to be

Sometimes we know
That we should have held on

In each case, only when
We realize what is within us
Will we fully realize
What we have

And only then
Will we realize
That what we had
Was too much to lose

Β©Walt Page 2018

21 thoughts on “Too Much To Lose

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  1. Sometimes… if you think you have found the “one”…. you hold on for dear life.
    And you see where that takes you.
    She means that much.

    Have a great day Walt. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Forrest. My first wife passed away, after being together for 37 years. I have remarried and been with my wife for 15 years now. They both have meant that much. I believe in longevity. ☺❀

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  2. There were a few loves in my life that I knew at the beginning were not meant to be. To love freely and be able to let go is one of the hardest lessons about love to learn. You stir up memories, friend!

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