Because Of You Because of youI am happy againThe music is back in my heartI mile more and moreI'm writing more love poetryI'm feeling betterI'm more activeMy legs are healthierAnd are almost normalYour pushed me to useThe lymphedema pumpAnd keep my legsElevated in the reclinerBecause of youI am starting to feel normal ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt... Continue Reading →

Your Love Is My Fire I've never felt this way beforeI've never been so sure of my feelingsI've never loved like thisMy mind is filledWith thoughts of youNo matter where I amOr what I'm doingThoughts of you igniteMy fantasiesStarting as an emberThen becoming a flameBurning your imageInto my mindI can't stopThinking about youYour love is... Continue Reading →

The Joy Of Creating One of the main reasons I write poetryis the sheer joy that results from creating.The ability of taking ordinary words andmanipulating them to create works of magicand art exhilarates me. I enjoy taking a sheet of paper and writingwords and phrases that can create smiles,laughter, tears, sadness and so many otheremotions.The... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet SweetnessPainCombineAnd you haveA bittersweet momentWhen happinessBrings tearsYou have experiencedA bittersweet momentThat momentWill soon becomeA bittersweet memoryAt these momentsIt's OK to cryIt's OK to laughJust let the moment carry youIt's your momentYour memoryYou created itYou own itSo relax and enjoy it~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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