Rest In Peace Teaka It's never easyto lose an animalIt hurts. Susan and I recentlylost our palomino paintquarter horse mare TeakaIt will take a long time for usto get over losing her.The reality is, we never will. We are animal rescuers.We currently have 9 rescue dogsthat we have adopted.They are like our childrenand are our... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2020 Goodbye 2020we're glad to see you go don't let the doorhit you in the asswhen you leave you made us sufferthrough a deadly pandemic the worst Presidentof the US ever a Congress that cared moreabout themselves than thosethey were sworn to serve rioting and lootingin our streets you brought deathand pain with you... Continue Reading →

She Sits By The Window – A Poem By Walt Page on Vita Brevis

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay) I am again honored and humbled to announce that my poem, She Sits By The Window, was published this morning on Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine! My thanks and gratitude once again to Brian Geiger, Editor of Vita Brevis, for finding my work worthy of inclusion. Via She Sits By The Window -... Continue Reading →

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