The Forgotten Joys of Eating Ice Cream Cones

For months now my wife and I have been enjoying Banana Pop Stix. We get these 50 calorie popsicles on a stick from our local IGA or Walmart. Yesterday, when I told my wife I was going to the store to get more, she said “Why don’t you get some vanilla ice cream and some cones to put it in?”

Being the well trained husband that I am, I realized I better be coming home with some premium vanilla ice cream and cones. As luck would have it, I chose waffle cones and she was delighted.

I watched as she used the skills she learned from working at Friendly’s Ice Cream years ago. I was in awe as she ran our ice cream scoop under hot water, a little known trick to make scooping ice cream easier. A little known trick to me at least.

My anticipation grew as she stuffed scoop after scoop of vanilla ice cream into the waffle cone, topping it with a final tall scoop at the top. Memories of my childhood came rushing back into my mind. She handed me the cone and I took my first lick in years. It was Heavenly! Sweet bliss tantalized my taste buds!

The ice cream was delicious, but when I took my first bite of the waffle cone, I moaned in pleasure. My wife smiled as she watched me transform into a child again, if only until the cone was finished.

My mind was swimming in memories of hot summer days, trips to the beach, riding my bike, playing baseball, picnics, swimming, fireflies, my Mom’s cooking, sunburns, childhood friends and piano lessons. Why these memories? They were all followed by ice cream cones.

I had forgotten the simple joy that an ice cream cone provides. I had forgotten the feel of the cone in my hand and the sweet taste and texture of each bite. I was remembering how eating an ice cream cone forces us to stop… to slow down… to enjoy the moment and savor it.

I had forgotten that there is still an inner child in all of us. A child that will still surface given the right memory triggers. I was remembering how good eating an ice cream cone made me feel. I was realizing that something so simple could calm the complications and stresses of adult life, if even for only a few moments.

My wife and I both had 2 cones yesterday afternoon and evening. We still enjoy eating Banana Pop Stix, and maybe someday we’ll have memories from eating them. Memories like how easy they are to eat without having to put my dentures in. You never can tell…

What kind of joy or memories do you get from eating ice cream cones?

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