Wildflowers And Wine Remembering my younger dayswalking through fields of wildflowerswith my best girl (at the time)and a bottleof Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine Sitting in the shade of an old oak treewatching the wildflowers sway in the breezewhile we listened to songs we recordedon a cassette from our scratchy old recordsand sipping sweet wine... Continue Reading →

Midnight, Christmas Eve All the toys are put togetherpresents are wrappedmilk and cookies left for Santa the fireplace was crackling earlierjust the glow of the coals nowthey will be out when Santa arrives the tree is decoratedthe lights are twinklingstockings are hung on the mantle the cuckoo clock lets us know the timewe must be... Continue Reading →

The Fields Of Home There is always something specialabout this time of yearthe anticipation of Christmastakes me back to my childhood I remember all the presentsSanta would bringhow the cookies and milkwould be half gone decorating the Christmas treelistening to all the Christmas songsthe excitement of going throughthe Sears Christmas Catalog the last day of... Continue Reading →

Childhood Memories A light snow was softly fallinghe stuck his tongue outtrying to catch a snowflakehe was reminded of his childhoodbuilding snowmenice skating on the pondsleigh riding on the hilldown to the riverthose were good daysgood times with good friends but time progressed and he grew upcatching snowflakes on his tonguehad become a thing of... Continue Reading →

Seventeen Years Seventeen years ago todayWe were marriedAnd I am even more in love with youStill amazed how lucky I amTo have youSeventeen yearsAnd you are still the oneSeventeen years of lovingLiving, Laughing, CryingUps and downsIns and outsAnd round aboutsSeventeen yearsOf learningAdjustingCompromisingProtecting each otherCaring for each otherSinging, dancing and romancingSeventeen years of loving each otherYou... Continue Reading →

The Drummer ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet There comes a timeIn a man's lifeWhen he sits and remembersHe recalls his youthAnd the years passedHis age has becomeSomewhat of a burdenHe smiles thoughRemembering his daysBehind the drumsWhen his legs and armsWere limber and pain freeHe can tell youAlmost every placeHe ever playedAnd close to every... Continue Reading →

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