Thanksgiving Eve Thanksgiving was always a very special time when I was growing up. Mom and Dad would load my brother Paul and I in Dad's Oldsmobile 98 and off we'd go. We would travel either to Connecticut to Dad's parents or New Hampshire to Mom's parents. Those were exciting days to a child. Our... Continue Reading →

There Was A Time there was a time many years ago when we were all young, strong and we looked great but time takes a toll on some more than others I see more and more old homes that look so cold and empty we've had our time and we'll keep moving on as our... Continue Reading →

Monuments, Moonlight And Memories This photo of the Harvest Moon overthe Immaculate Conception Cemeterywas taken on Monday night, September 20, 2021by my friend and excellent photographer,Augustine Hart.My poem was inspired by this wonderful photoand is dedicated to Augustine. Monuments, Moonlight and Memories Every month during a full moon I walk through my local cemetery. I... Continue Reading →

Wildflowers And Wine Remembering my younger dayswalking through fields of wildflowerswith my best girl (at the time)and a bottleof Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine Sitting in the shade of an old oak treewatching the wildflowers sway in the breezewhile we listened to songs we recordedon a cassette from our scratchy old recordsand sipping sweet wine... Continue Reading →

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