Seventeen Years Seventeen years ago todayWe were marriedAnd I am even more in love with youStill amazed how lucky I amTo have youSeventeen yearsAnd you are still the oneSeventeen years of lovingLiving, Laughing, CryingUps and downsIns and outsAnd round aboutsSeventeen yearsOf learningAdjustingCompromisingProtecting each otherCaring for each otherSinging, dancing and romancingSeventeen years of loving each otherYou... Continue Reading →

The Drummer ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet There comes a timeIn a man's lifeWhen he sits and remembersHe recalls his youthAnd the years passedHis age has becomeSomewhat of a burdenHe smiles thoughRemembering his daysBehind the drumsWhen his legs and armsWere limber and pain freeHe can tell youAlmost every placeHe ever playedAnd close to every... Continue Reading →

The Tennessee Poet’s Christmas Eve, 2019, A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Christmas music fills the air Snow falling softly Children laughing, building snowmen Houses decorated with bright lights Christmas cards from friends Remembering the thrill of The Sears Christmas Catalog Letters to Santa Christmas mornings Opening presents Smiling faces Half eaten cookies on a plate Ralphie and his BB gun “You'll put your eye out” Snow... Continue Reading →

Through The Keyhole ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

When I was a child My Grandma lived in an old house One room was always locked She said it was a magical room Filled with fairies, elves and unicorns One day I peeked through the keyhole And giggled with glee I saw fairies dancing While elves rode on unicorns Squirrels dressed like cowboys Were... Continue Reading →

Memories Exist ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Time forgets, but I remember. Memories exist in my eyes. Promises made in the dark still echo through the empty halls of my mind. My days used to be about castles and dreams. Now they are filled with green tambourines. On a cloud covered morning I walk alone through the void, looking for meaning of... Continue Reading →

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