Everything Is Different Now

In life
There are always changes
How we handle them
Is a true measure of our character

I have had good changes
And I have had bad
But each time
I held my head up and said

Everything is different now”

©Walt Page 2018

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What Is It About You?

Is it the way you hold me?

The way your smile lights my life?

The way your laugh warms my heart?

The way your presence completes me?

The way your kiss melts me?

What is it about you?

It’s all of these…

And more…

Originally created with love for my wife Susan

January 8, 2004

©Walt Page 2004

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As I Remember

As I remember days gone by
I think of you
I remember our first time
I think of the laughter
The smiles

As the years have passed
My love has grown
My time with you
Is special to me

Our love is strong
Our love is true
Our love is gentle
My love is you

As I remember days gone by
I think of you
And I smile

©Walt Page 2018

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Fading Away

Sometimes I feel like fading away
Back to the days when I would play
The days when music was all that mattered
Before the world we knew was shattered

When I was young and had no pain
And all the pretty girls knew my name
Playing drums and singing songs
Those are the days where I belong

Those memories still make me smile
If even for only a little while
So take my hand and be with me
Together we will fade away

©Walt Page 2018

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Welcome To My World

One of my originals from early in 2000

The spray of the waves on your face
The palms rustling in the soft breeze
Eyes as blue as the ocean
Welcome to my world

The slow, golden setting of the sun
The cry of a solitary sandpiper
The scent of night blooming jasmine
Welcome to my world

The sound of slow jazz playing softly
The beauty of leaping dolphins
The rising of a full moon
Welcome to my world

©Walt Page 2000

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While You Loved Me

One of my originals from August 10, 2001

I remember us
I remember the smiles
The laughter… the love
I remember the sunsets
Walking along the shore
Hand in hand

I remember every moment
Of being with you
All these years
I remember

You were mine
You are mine
For all time
You were my beginning

How I loved
While you loved me

©Walt Page 2001

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Hippie Harbor

Journey back to the 60s with Michelle at Her Writing Haven

via Hippie Harbor

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What About Me?

A great post by Brandewulf on Brandewijn Words, featuring a timely song by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Enjoy!

via Song Lyric Sunday (2/17/18) – earth


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Gentle Waves

One of my earlier poems,
created on March 6, 2001.

Like waves gently
Kissing the shore
Her love washes over me

The sounds of the shore
Echo through my mind
As her love surrounds me

In the passion of an embrace
The tide of love rushes to meet me
And I am at peace

©Walt Page 2001

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