The Barn Door

This photo of an open barn door in
New York’s Adirondack Mountains
was posted on Face Book a few days ago.

It was taken by an excellent local
photographer and friend of mine,
Augustine Hart.

This poem was inspired by this
photo and dedicated to my friend,
Augustine Hart.

As he stood looking out
of the open barn door
he smiled

He always enjoys this view
at the end of the day

today had been a good day
the crops were doing well
and all the animals had been fed

He remembered his grandfather
telling him how he had planted
this tree years ago
to provide some shade for the animals

The field would soon be ready
for a second cutting of hay
which he needed for feed for
the cattle and horses during the winter

Before he closed the barn door
he prayed a silent prayer of thanks
to God for all the blessings of the day

He then slowly slid the door closed,
smiling as he thought about the dinner
he knew his wife had waiting for him

It had been a good day

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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