I’ll Be Here Waiting

Whenever you feel A need to be loved I'll be here waiting You can count on my love When life overwhelms you And you just can't go on I'll be here waiting To help you be strong When happiness happens And you need to share I'll be here waiting To show you I care So... Continue Reading →

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In This Place

It was here in this place That love first came Arriving in a shower On the words of a song As the melody played Sweet words filled the air Lifting my heart And filling my soul It was here in this place That I felt her caress Her words swirled around me Like gently falling... Continue Reading →

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On The Outside Looking In

When the pain never ends And there's nowhere to run When your world has grown cold And your standing alone You feel like you're in a strange Sci-fi movie and you're now On the outside looking in When nothing seems right And everything's wrong The sky grows dark And the sun runs away You realize... Continue Reading →

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Looking Through My Window

Today is my 74th birthday and as I sat with my coffee looking through the window this morning at our dogs and horses, this poem formed in my mind. I hope you enjoy it. ******************************************** As I look through my window Oh, the sights I see So many things to write about Especially for poets... Continue Reading →

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