The Joy Of Creating One of the main reasons I write poetryis the sheer joy that results from creating.The ability of taking ordinary words andmanipulating them to create works of magicand art exhilarates me. I enjoy taking a sheet of paper and writingwords and phrases that can create smiles,laughter, tears, sadness and so many otheremotions.The... Continue Reading →

Beware Of Darkness There is no reason to beware of darknessDarkness brings out the beauty of a full moonFireflies light up the darknessWe can see an ocean of starsA campfire is more beautiful in the darknessThere is nothing to fearNothing to be afraid ofDarkness brings cooler airRelief from the heat of the dayDo not beware... Continue Reading →

The Nearness Of Death Death from the Coronavirusis all around us. It covers thewhole country now and it'sgetting worse. I was at my doctor's office lastweek for my monthly checkup.Of the dozen people in the waitingroom, only Susan and I were wearingmasks.Death gets nearer and nearer. Our County Executive sees no reasonto mandate wearing masks.... Continue Reading →

The Dimming Of The Day It's late in the afternoon.Soon it will start...the dimming of the day. Just before darknessthe shadows will walk,knowing that they will disappearwhen the darkness arrives. It's all part of theHere and Now.~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

Relief The sun sat high in the sky.No rain had fallen for days.Everything was turning brownMother Earth was crying the blues.But she couldn't even produce a tear. Brooks and creeks were drying up.Farmer's crops were drying in the fields.Burn bans had been ordered. But then the rains came,a light soaking rain at first.The ground was... Continue Reading →

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