The Nearness Of Death

Death from the Coronavirus
is all around us. It covers the
whole country now and it’s

getting worse.

I was at my doctor’s office last
week for my monthly checkup.
Of the dozen people in the waiting
room, only Susan and I were wearing

Death gets nearer and nearer.

Our County Executive sees no reason
to mandate wearing masks. He
advises” that gatherings be limited
to 50 people. The school board has
no plan for safely opening schools.

Death waits patiently, knowing it will
soon be setting more records.

There is no more room in hospital
morgues. Funeral homes are filled to
capacity. Refrigerated trucks are being
brought in to hold bodies.

Death closes in.

The lack of leadership has failed us more
and more. People are dying. The doors are
open and the Welcome signs are out.

And death is here to stay.

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “The Nearness Of Death

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  1. The numbers here in SW MO have been low and are still low, however very much on the rise. Very few people wear masks here and it really makes me angry. My dad (83 years old) and I stay at home. We only venture out to hit a drive-thru every couple of weeks. We have been stuck at home since March 15. If people would be a little more considerate of others and wear a mask, we may be a little more comfortable about going out. I’m sick of spending extra money purchasing what we need online! The lack of leadership in this country is going to be our downfall. 😦

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