Night Wind ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet The night wind carries treasuresMemories of The Ancient OnesMusic of the days gone byKnowledge of the scholarsSmells of the seasonsVoices of The EldersShadows of the pastAre carried through the dark forestThe sounds of still waterCause ripples in the MystAs the sun risesYou see shadows in the MystThe... Continue Reading →

Decisions ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet Should IOr shouldn't IOur lives are filledWith decisionsWhat to wearWhat to eatWhat to doWhere to goEverything we do involvesMaking a decisionThat's why I decidedTo write a poem aboutDecisions ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

The Darkness Of Pain & The Light Of Relief ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet We have all experienced itThe Darkness of PainPain so intenseThat all we can doIs sit in the darkWaiting for the painTo slowly ebbAs the pain medicationStarts to workThe darkness slowly lessensAs the night becomes the morningAnd with the changeFrom darkness... Continue Reading →

Blessings ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet My life is filled with BlessingsEven though I sufferFrom chronic painI am blessed in so many waysI have a loving wifeA loving familyA home of our ownThe unconditional loveOf our animalsI have wonderful neighborsGreat friends fromAll over the worldMy mind is still sharpI can still write my poetryAll... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet SweetnessPainCombineAnd you haveA bittersweet momentWhen happinessBrings tearsYou have experiencedA bittersweet momentThat momentWill soon becomeA bittersweet memoryAt these momentsIt's OK to cryIt's OK to laughJust let the moment carry youIt's your momentYour memoryYou created itYou own itSo relax and enjoy it~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

Special Moments ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet We've all had special momentsThose days when we were the fireWhen we were children of the sunDays when we knew the secret of lifeSimple days filled with simple thingsMoments when the only words that matteredWere the words in our poetryWords that kept the world awayMoments spent alone... Continue Reading →

The Echo Of Silence ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet ListenDid you hear thatI didn't eitherIt was an echo of silenceWhen conditions are just rightYou can call a nameAnd hear it echo back to youBut when conditions aren't rightYou hear nothingThe mountain people call itThe Echo Of Silence~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

My Father's Eyes ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet I have my father's eyesDeep blue with a twinkleDad's eyes were filled withThe wisdom of the agesWhen people brought my DadTheir problemsYou could seeThe compassion in his eyesWhen one of his parishionersPassed awayTears would form in his eyesHis compassion was realAnd so was heYou could see... Continue Reading →

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