Readers ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

What makes us good poets? Classes we take? Our use of words? So many things All work together To make us good poets But the main influence That makes us great poets Is our readers ~The Tennessee Poet~ ©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

Life… Our Journey ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

It's a long road we travel On this journey we call life The roads we choose The directions we travel All have a bearing On our journey I enjoy taking back roads Seeing different sights Different smells. music and food It's a laid back way of life Sometimes though Life throws us a detour And... Continue Reading →

Bruised, Not Broken ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Two weeks ago today I had abdominal surgery and came home on Wednesday, September 18th. I'm feeling pretty good and will be om limited activity for 6-8 weeks. I have started writing again and will be posting on a regular basis. You are all a part of my journey and I am grateful for all... Continue Reading →

I Will Always Be With You ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I will always be here Writing my poetry I will always be with you My words echoing in your mind Creating beautiful images With only my words You'll find me by a river Or walking on the shore I may be under California stars Or on a mountain in the Adirondacks My music will be... Continue Reading →

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