A Month Of April Prompts In One Day

Thanks once again to Michelle from
Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for her list of daily prompts for the month of April.
Special thanks this month to Michelle’s daughters,
Brianna and Autumn for their contributions to these prompts!
Please visit her site for the April list of daily prompts.

This is the voyage of the Starship “Blog Machine”,
Star Date April 31st, way in the future.
Captain Walt reporting assisted by Co-First Officers
Brianna and Autumn.

It’s April here at Starbase Tatooine and Easter has come
and gone. After The explosive egg hunt, Han Solo was
caught Chewing chewbacco. We had to wait to depart
while The stars stood on standby, Spacing out in
shadows doubt over what Solo had done. We knew
that Jumping Jupiter can’t get stupider, so we waited
as Time blossomed then shriveled.

When we finally departed, It went off with a bang
and a hiss. We left behind Filaments of Frustration
as we became Covered in constellations. Our mission
was to locate aliens with Hieroglyphic hineys. We
messaged our families, “Meet ya later by the
flux capacitator” and they replied, “Nano nano”.

We realized that there might be trouble, so we
made sure our Galactic garble blasters were filled
with Platinum plutonium. When traveling through
the galaxies, there is always A measurement
of improbability.

We were all hungry, so we ate some Space jam on toast.
Through the windows we thought we saw some
Orbiting orangutans, but decided it was just
the Spasmodic juice we drank that left us
Jet lagged and jilted.

There are always Catastrophic calamities
in space. Some radio calls are Fluently flippant.
The call we received said “This… is Ceti Alpha Five
with an important message, “Do. Or do not. There
is no try – Yoda.”

Yoda was our friend and a Jedi Master. We knew that
Friends don’t lie, so we set a course to take us through
The doorway to improbability. When we arrived, we
found massive Ozone siphoning and other atmospheric
disruptions. The base was filled with Pilfering
Pandemonium. It was being overcome and ravaged
by swarms of Sucking skeevers and Gnarly narfs.

We drew our weapons but were quickly overcome by
Nuka-Cola asphixiola. As we took our last breaths,
the last words we heard were “Danger, danger
Will Robinson.”

April fools!!

The moral of this story: Let your writing take
you to places that you normally don’t go.

©Walt Page 2018

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A Month Of March Prompts In One Day

Thanks once again to Michelle from
Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for her list of daily prompts for the month of March.
Please visit her site for the March list of daily prompts.

I opened my journal this morning and followed Michelle’s
instructions while I drank my usual Fizzy Whizzys’ Morning Blend.
As I looked at her prompts I thought to myself,
Galloping Gadzooks! What in the world are
Purple Nurples?

I called Fidgety Fiona and asked her if she knew.
She told me that a purple nurple was the act of grabbing
and twisting a nipple of another person or yourself. I knew
then that this was going to be fun. I always thought
that only Creaky Cranks did things like that when they
were a Hobbity Bobbity, a not so average teenage boy.

I realized I was making Silly Assumptions and was
becoming Punch Drunk from the fizzy whizzy’s morning blend.
So following Michelle’s instructions, I decided it was time
to look for A Tisket For A Tasket
to put in my Powdered Blue basket. As I stepped
outside, the Billowy Breezes rattled the
Jelly Jars in my basket.

I started searching for Pouty and Plump Bootle Beetles
that had Stitches Of Glitches, a rare and very
valuable imperfection which would make a wonderful
tisket for a tasket. My friend Guzzling Gary
had once told me to look under the Mounds Of Mush
left by Pink Poodles.

Needless to say, that made me a little Antsy Pantsy.
I wasn’t looking forward to digging through poodle
mush trying to find the Ruby Red Fiddlesticks
which were hiding places for the beetles I was
looking for. I was getting Sniffles and Snuffles
dealing with all this Nonsensical Hodgepodge.

It had started to rain lightly which created
Dribbles of Delight and A Twinge Of Fate.
remembered a scene from Mission To Mars
and realized my quest was hopeless.

I decided that since it was raining, I would
stay dry if I had some Hanky Panky while I went
Spelunking with Moaning Myrtle. So with a
Hurry Scurry I went to pickup Myrtle and we
spent the day in a lovely cave making love
and getting high on Jamba Juice. I never
did find those darn bootle beetles but
after spending the day with Myrtle I
didn’t care.

The moral of this story: Let your writing take
you to places that you normally don’t go.

©Walt Page 2018

A Month Of February Prompts In One Day

Thanks once again to Michelle from Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for the inspiration I get when I read her list of
daily prompts for the month of February.
Please visit her site for the list of daily prompts.

Let me tell you a story, actually a
Phantasmagorical story that I wrote
in Niches and Nooks with my usual
Blushing Authenticity.

It’s a tale of Intimate Endeavors that are
Silly n Sexy, but that also have
Moonstruck Repercussions and
Inexpressable Notions. It is also filled
with a Red Crush of Erotic Sentiments.
It’s Bloodthirsty and Blazing, filled
with a Ravishing Peril.

If you expect this to be Sumptuous and Sweet
with Desperate Obligations, you will
be disappointed. My words are written
with an Intense Attraction and are
Dedicated to Denial.

I grew up in Hippie Harbor, living through
many Precarious Quandries filled with
Corner Gridlock and Steadfast Turmoil.
Cupid’s Conspiracy made me
Immortally Cantankerous.

I could no longer control my Amorous Affections
and Mounting Proportions of Lavender Love.
I was no longer Dignified and Divergent.
My Giddy Ganders took control and my writing
became a Reckless Frenzy of meaningless words.

It was my Volatile Voracity that turned me
to the Dark Side.

Stay tuned…
©Walt Page 2018

Darkness Is Rising… Be Afraid

Maybe it was the pain
The constant aching
That was changing me into something evil

I wasn’t sleeping well
The voices kept me awake
Whispering, so that I couldn’t quite hear them

It was driving me crazy
What were they saying?
What did they want?

What was happening to me?
I didn’t like what I saw
When I looked in the mirror

What I saw was a monster wanting his first kill
It made me shudder. I was no killer!
What the hell was wrong with me?

I had all the exams
Physical and mental
There were no answers, no diagnosis

I grew more and more confused and angry
I wanted to hurt someone

I only knew one thing
I needed to feed my hunger
I needed to kill or I would die

That poor spider never knew what hit him

©Walt Page 2018

A Musical Christmas Story

I was a Preacher’s kid who played drums, so of course on Christmas Eve I became the little drummer boy. It was on a silent night that grandma got run over by a reindeer.

Frosty the snowman accused Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, but Santa baby said he was coming to town and would investigate. Carol of the bells asked Mary if she knew, but Mary had been sleeping, dreaming of a white Christmas.

Meanwhile, the elves were all rockin’ around the Christmas tree while the band played jingle bell rock. The opening act, We Three Kings, asked, “Do you hear what I hear?” Mary was still groggy from her nap and kept asking “What child is this?” She told Joseph “All I want for Christmas is you.” Joseph shrugged and said, “It’s the most
wonderful time of the year, so let’s deck the halls!”

Poor old mean Mr. Grinch was having a blue Christmas, but he still enjoyed the dance of the sugar plum fairy. Jolly old Saint Nicholas returned and said to Mrs. Claus, “Baby it’s cold outside, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

We looked up and saw that up above the northern lights, the herald angels were singing O Holy Night. We went caroling along Candy Cane Lane and sang Christmas Carols, including Mele Kalikimaka, The Chipmunk Song and Let It Be Christmas.

As we roasted chestnuts on the open fire, we sang I Saw Three Ships, Silver Bells and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. As the clock tower bell rang 12 times, it came to us on that midnight clear that there was no place like home for the holidays.

As we said our goodbyes, we looked up and heard Santa exclaim as he drove out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

©Walt Page 2017

A Month Of Prompts In One Day

Thanks to Michelle of Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for the inspiration I got when I read her list of
daily prompts for the month of December.

I am a Poet… a Writer
I sit here Weaving Words
As I think about Thistles and thorns
As I write I worry about Vermicious Knids
That are Dripping with drudgery

My Tales of tinsel
Become Conspicuous Coincidences
Filled with Dingle berries
That are Perfectly Imperfect

Mrs. Claus Dances With Elves
As she is Swayed and seduced
She realizes that Oranges aren’t apples

Speckled candy waits in Variegated vessels
Chestnuts and chisels have been Stripped and polished
Dreidels and ladles are used
For Maneuvering the muck
Left by Pish Posh with Chipped Edges

My Idiotic Endeavors cause some Perky Punctuation
And why in the world did I write Beanut Putter?

I started writing Cryptic messages about Crinkled Corn
I warned everyone that Frosty goes wild about Fried Green Potatoes

I planned Royal Excursions with Agnostic Acorns
My mind was filled with Gritty globs of goodness
As I started Drawing the line
And watched the elves start chewing on Bitter Bones

Thanks Michelle!!

©Walt Page 2017

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