A Month Of February Prompts In One Day

Thanks once again to Michelle from Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for the inspiration I get when I read her list of
daily prompts for the month of February.
Please visit her site for the list of daily prompts.

Let me tell you a story, actually a
Phantasmagorical story that I wrote
in Niches and Nooks with my usual
Blushing Authenticity.

It’s a tale of Intimate Endeavors that are
Silly n Sexy, but that also have
Moonstruck Repercussions and
Inexpressable Notions. It is also filled
with a Red Crush of Erotic Sentiments.
It’s Bloodthirsty and Blazing, filled
with a Ravishing Peril.

If you expect this to be Sumptuous and Sweet
with Desperate Obligations, you will
be disappointed. My words are written
with an Intense Attraction and are
Dedicated to Denial.

I grew up in Hippie Harbor, living through
many Precarious Quandries filled with
Corner Gridlock and Steadfast Turmoil.
Cupid’s Conspiracy made me
Immortally Cantankerous.

I could no longer control my Amorous Affections
and Mounting Proportions of Lavender Love.
I was no longer Dignified and Divergent.
My Giddy Ganders took control and my writing
became a Reckless Frenzy of meaningless words.

It was my Volatile Voracity that turned me
to the Dark Side.

Stay tuned…
©Walt Page 2018


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