Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Do BoredomRestlessAnxiousCDC recommends staying at homemost restaurants are closedonly place I go tois my doctorit's been this way for almost a yearwinter is hereit's harder to breathewith my COPDcold weather makes my jointsmore painfulso I write my poetryand listen to musicI used to write my poetrywhile I drank winebut I... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2020 Goodbye 2020we're glad to see you go don't let the doorhit you in the asswhen you leave you made us sufferthrough a deadly pandemic the worst Presidentof the US ever a Congress that cared moreabout themselves than thosethey were sworn to serve rioting and lootingin our streets you brought deathand pain with you... Continue Reading →

The Year Without Thanksgiving The calendar says it's Thanksgivingover 257,000 people deadfrom the coronavirus this yearbodies stored in refrigerated trucksno space in morgues or funeral homes CDC says don't travel this yearno large gatheringshospitals are out of bedsrunning out of suppliesdoctors, nurses and first respondersare exhausted millions are out of workon the brink of being... Continue Reading →

Fear I am fearful today for many reasons. I'm afraid for what's happening to our country.I'm afraid of the violence that may occur today,Election Day, November 3, 2020I'm afraid of the rapid spiking of the corona virus.I'm afraid for my wife,for our son in Orlando,for our son, daughter-in-law and grandsons in St. Augustine,for our son,... Continue Reading →

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