The Year Without Thanksgiving

The calendar says it’s Thanksgiving
over 257,000 people dead
from the coronavirus this year
bodies stored in refrigerated trucks
no space in morgues or funeral homes

CDC says don’t travel this year
no large gatherings
hospitals are out of beds
running out of supplies
doctors, nurses and first responders
are exhausted

millions are out of work
on the brink of being evicted
or facing foreclosure

with all this going on
the President is playing golf
sulking over losing the election
claiming it was rigged
declaring he won the election
refusing to concede
refusing to begin the transition

even with all this
I am thankful that
my wife and I,
our three sons and their wives
and our grandsons
have not been infected
by the virus

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving
Stay strong, stay safe

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “The Year Without Thanksgiving

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from a humble Canadian in beautiful BC! I am grateful for your well-being as well. Like many others here I pray for a smooth, peaceful and democratic transition for the President-Elect Mr. Biden and his team. It is in Canada’s best interest that it be so that you maintain your Democracy. Otherwise we don’t wish to be on Mr. Trump’s dinner menu as Canada is a juicy resource prize just next door. May the American Military support the democratic process and the new President Elect regardless of any personal political preferences. One has only to remember the history of Germany to acknowledge the importance of that support. May you continue to write your poetry freely as well. God bless.

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