#Sedoka: For Old Times Sake

New Year's Eve is here The end of another year Not a real good year for me At seventy three My New Years are fewer now Need a happy one for me! ©Walt Page 2017

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And Then It’s Winter

I didn't write this and I can't find who the author is. It was sent to me by a friend and since yesterday was the Autumn Equinox and winter is not far behind, I thought you all might enjoy reading it. You know, time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware of the passing... Continue Reading →

Only Time

Time is all we have they say Time to live, to love To laugh, to play Don't ever let time slip away Enjoy the time you have today And don't let anything take it away Hold your loved ones close each day For only time can take them away Only time can bring us together... Continue Reading →

An Old Empty Bench

I can see it in my mind... Just an old empty bench. The paint had faded From years in the sun. Where people had been sitting The paint had worn off. People had been sliding over to make room. Use does that over time. I wonder how many conversations has it heard? How many souls... Continue Reading →

The Joy Of Reaching Age 73

My wife Susan had to work today on my 73rd birthday, so it has been me, our 10 dogs and our horse, Teaka. It's been a good day and I haven't had time to feel alone because I've been busy writing and thanking all of the friends that have been wishing me a happy birthday... Continue Reading →

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