There Was A Time there was a time many years ago when we were all young, strong and we looked great but time takes a toll on some more than others I see more and more old homes that look so cold and empty we've had our time and we'll keep moving on as our... Continue Reading →

Dusty Old Men everyday I feel more like a dusty old man I don't know whether it's the aging process or this constant fatigue caused by all the medications I am on either way I'm starting to feel more and more like the tin man looking for his oil can these chronic conditions and the... Continue Reading →

A Poet's Lament I love writing poetryalways havebut lately it's been harderharder to writeharder to come up with ideasI'm always tiredtired of chronic paintired of taking so many medicationstired of not sleeping welltired of feeling and being weaktired of not being able to dothings I used to be able to dotired of not drivingtired of... Continue Reading →

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