Old Age Creeps In

Old age creeps in slowly
Silently… With no warning

You wake up one morning
and your whole body aches

You think it will pass
but it doesn’t

You realize you can no longer do
the things you used to do

Your health has failed
but thank God your mind is still sharp

There will be days when
you just want to give up


You have many years left
Just do what you can

But no matter what else
stay active, physically and mentally

Walk everyday… write poetry
Enjoy the years you have left

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

19 thoughts on “Old Age Creeps In

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  1. Old age can make sudden leaps with people, Walt you are right about that. My husband’s grandmother visited us today for the first time in quite a while due to C-19. She is turn 99 years old next week. She has deteriorated so much in the past six months and has to be helped with everything now.

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