Seconds Seconds comeseconds goeach is differentlike a flake of snow tick tockknock knockalways changinglike the hands on a clock seconds are thebuilding blocks of timechanges for yourschanges for mine time is always movingnever standing stillnothing means more to methan the seconds I get to spend with you ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

Time Stops It is saidthat when you meetthe love of your lifetime stops find someone you canlove like crazyand that will love youback the same way listen to your heartyou have to tryor you haven't livedopen your heart to love it is so worth the riskthe best love opens our souland makes us reach for... Continue Reading →

The Magic Of Midnight ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

It is the witching hour In the pale moonlight The wind blows through the trees And the Magic of Midnight has arrived It is the time for lovers And for scoundrels The nocturnal hunting begins By animals and humans Some will be hunters Some will be hunted If you look closely you can see The... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Of Time ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

There is magic in time Mysterious ticking of a clock Sending us messages We never understand Tick... Tick... Tick... Over and over again Time passes But it also stands still Time has no favorites When our time comes, it comes What the Hell does that mean? According to who? Is it in the Bible? How... Continue Reading →

The Clocks Are Ticking ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

“Time will always show you who and what really matters.” ~ Unknown I love clocks and timepieces Pocket watches, Grandfather Clocks, Melody In Motion musical wall clocks All keep time Constant reminders That we have no time to kill today Each day I'm getting older Time waits for no one Especially me I never seem... Continue Reading →

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