The Time Is Now I've heard it said “the time has come... the time is now...” but what time? what has come? why is it now? why does it matter? why should it matter? how do I know it matters? the only thing that matters is that it matters if it doesn't matter then it... Continue Reading →

There Was A Time there was a time many years ago when we were all young, strong and we looked great but time takes a toll on some more than others I see more and more old homes that look so cold and empty we've had our time and we'll keep moving on as our... Continue Reading →

Seconds Seconds comeseconds goeach is differentlike a flake of snow tick tockknock knockalways changinglike the hands on a clock seconds are thebuilding blocks of timechanges for yourschanges for mine time is always movingnever standing stillnothing means more to methan the seconds I get to spend with you ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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