No Place Like You In 76 years of livingI've been to a lot of placesand seen a lot of thingsbut I have never founda place like you I've been on the tops of mountainsand been swimming in the deep blue seabut they will never compareto a place like you I've stood at the edge of... Continue Reading →

Midnight Ocean midnightat the oceanwaves lapping the shore you and I holding handswalkingdancingembracing a full moona starry skythe scent ofnight blooming jasmine sand crabsscurrying on the beacha beautiful nightand we're in love ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

Eternal Love We love each otherWe've loved for many yearsin many lifetimes We have lived, we have diedWe've been together, we've been apartNothing has changedThe love in our hearts We've ridden the winds,survived the stormsFought side by side in battlesDanced until dawn The sun has risenThe sun has setWe'll be togetherfor many lifetimes yet When... Continue Reading →

Seventeen Years Seventeen years ago todayWe were marriedAnd I am even more in love with youStill amazed how lucky I amTo have youSeventeen yearsAnd you are still the oneSeventeen years of lovingLiving, Laughing, CryingUps and downsIns and outsAnd round aboutsSeventeen yearsOf learningAdjustingCompromisingProtecting each otherCaring for each otherSinging, dancing and romancingSeventeen years of loving each otherYou... Continue Reading →

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