Inside Us All

There is a Desire

A Need

A Want

Inside us all

Once we find what

Is truly inside us

We find Peace



It’s all there

Inside Us All

©Walt Page 2018

Inside Us All ~ Creed

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Soulana, Sister Land To Everdream

It’s a magical place that I visit
As I sit alone in the dark
A place of mystery and night songs
Where I go to quiet my heart

It’s doesn’t matter if I write
For that’s not why I’ve come
Soulana is my quiet place
To visit when day is done

But the music of Soulana fills my soul
And poems start to form
My heart tells me what to write
As words escape my pen

The words start flowing faster now
Words of love and words of life
Inspiration comes in wave after wave
Tsunamis of words that I need to write

Find your Soulana and go there tonight
The words will come and you’ll start to write
Feel the magic of Soulana flow through your pen
It will make you believe in your writing again

©Walt Page 2018

Deep In The Blue

Deep in the ocean
Deep in your eyes
I am deep in the Blue


Filled with mystery
Magical magnificence
Gently swaying with the motion

I am here waiting
For you
Only you

Join me in my world
Deep in the Blue

©Walt Page 2017


Take The Time To Enjoy A Sunset

There is no greater love than
that of two people at sunset,
caressed by the soft country breezes
while they are calmed by the sound
of nickering horses at feeding time

There is no greater love than
that shared by those who love the country
and the beauty and power of nature

Take the time to listen to the songs
of the animals

Take the time to let the
beauty of the countryside at sunset
caress your soul

Take the time
for there is no greater love

©Walt Page 2017
Photo of our Palomino Paint Quarter Horse, Teaka


The Pathway

There’s a walk I like to take
Along a pathway through the woods
Where the only sounds are the whispers of the forest

It’s my time of solitude
Needing the alone time and quietness
That only the forest can bring

The stress of life fades away
As my lungs fill with the clean fresh air
And nothing exists except the forest

©Walt Page 2017


Sharing A Dream

When we met we shared a dream…

A life in the country…

A life renewed by love…

A life filled with music…

A life together forever…

A home filled with animals…

We shared our dreams…

And we made them come true.

©Walt Page 2017


The Light Of Love

The light of love
Shines upon us
Keeping us close
Keeping us together

The light of love
Surrounds us
And we are at peace
Once again

Find the light
Embrace it as your own
And let it fill you with love

©Walt Page 2017


Inspired By A Mountain Stream

I find true peace by a mountain stream
A place where I can sit and dream
As the water flows over moss covered rocks
My poems come easy as my mind unlocks

The sound of rushing water pours blessings on my soul
The water is so clear and cold, dare I dip my toes?
The peace I feel while sitting here
Is a feeling held so dear

My notebook starts to fill with words
Inspired by the singing of the birds
The sunlight shining through the trees
Is sent from Heaven to inspire me

As I sit on the bank and start to write
My eyes behold a beautiful sight
The Angel Of The Forest appears to me and says

Your poetry is lovely, I love the things I’ve read
This mountain stream has planted words inside your mind
And you’ve written them so beautifully for everyone to find
I hope your poetry inspires others to find a mountain stream
Where they can sit and put on paper their own unwritten dreams
I’m the Angel Of The Forest and I am not a dream
Take my hand and walk with me
Along this mountain stream”

©Walt Page 2017


Calm Seas

The seas of life are often rough

The winds of change
Blow through our lives

Pulling us here
Pushing us there
Testing us
Holding us
Draining us

My wish for you is that your lives
Are filled with
Calm winds
And Calm Seas

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved


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