This Love This love of oursmeans everything to me the day we got marriedwas the beginningof our never ending love every day with youhas been a blessing kissing youmakes me realizehow fortunate I amto have you as my wife I carry your heart with meprotecting it as you protect mine this loveis our loveour never... Continue Reading →

As Soft As A Spring Rain Your love is as soft as a spring rainas warm as the morning sunas tender as your touchand as lovely as the beauty of your smile I give thanks everyday for our loveand for our life togetherI will spend my whole life loving you you are my home, my... Continue Reading →

Erotic Sensuality Erotic sensuality is not pornographicIt is a suggestive looka slow, loving kissa favorite fantasya loving caresswords of lovelaying side by side nakedwithout touchingrunning your fingersthrough her hairsoft kisseson the back of her neckwhispering how much you love herhow much you want herhow much she means to younever making her uncomfortablea foot massagetake your... Continue Reading →

Eternal Love We love each otherWe've loved for many yearsin many lifetimes We have lived, we have diedWe've been together, we've been apartNothing has changedThe love in our hearts We've ridden the winds,survived the stormsFought side by side in battlesDanced until dawn The sun has risenThe sun has setWe'll be togetherfor many lifetimes yet When... Continue Reading →

It's Always You Thoughts of youFill the canyonsOf my mindYou are alwaysOn my mindIn every thoughtIn every songNo matter whatI'm doingThoughts of youKeep entering my mindAnd I smileIt's you my loveIt's always you ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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