Maybe It Was Her Smile

Maybe it was her smile Perhaps it was her hair It could have been our love of music Since she played guitar and I played drums I liked the ocean, she liked the country She trained horses, I trained resort staff An unlikely coupling But a match made in heaven We share a love of... Continue Reading →

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The Beauty Of Her

In a world of constant aggravation Noise, commotion, hatred There is also a calming force I cling to It is the beauty of her The magical smile of her eyes Brings peace to my weary soul The wonder in her whole being draws me in And I find comfort in her arms of hope Because... Continue Reading →

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#Sedoka: All Because Of You

All because of you The music came back to me The moment we met I knew I waited twelve days With a ring before I said Will you marry me my love? ©Walt Page 2017

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#Elfje: Wondering

Tears Silently falling Is it over? Perhaps a new beginning? Wondering ©Walt Page 2017

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Like Red On A Rose

Like red on a rose Her love shines Filling my heart Caressing my soul Like red on a rose The beauty of her soul Shines through Creating a world of beauty A world of dreams Like red on a rose ©Walt Page 2017

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