1:30 A.M.

It’s 1:30 A.M.
It’s late and it’s early
And I’m awake

Six of my dogs are around me
Four on the couch
Two on the floor
And I’m awake

As usual the pain woke me up
So I took some pills
And now I’m awake

When I was younger
I’d sleep all night
But I’m older now
And I’m awake

The pain starts to lessen
And my eyes are getting heavy
So I’ll go back to sleep now
To dream
About writing

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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Be The Poem

As poets, we write about love

We write about our pain, our problems

Our hopes and our dreams

We pour out our heart

Our soul

Our whole being

We become the poem

We are the love

We are the dream

We become the words

The rhyme

The essence

We write about what we feel

What we are, who we are

We bare our souls

Come and join me

Be the poem

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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The Life Of A Poet

A poet’s life is not what it seems

It’s much more than just words

More than stanzas, verses and rhymes

It’s writing through your chronic pain

Your grief and your failures

Your good days will shine

As your words start to flow

But your bad days will show

And everyone will know

So we take a deep breath and we write

Our words help relieve the pain

And get us through the day

Our words are our life

They give us hope and we go on

We love what we do

But not always what we write

Our hearts are shared with our words

Our souls are bared for all to see

We write to live, to share our love

We write for us and we write for you

Our words can hurt

Like the pain we feel

But they give us hope

While they help us heal

This is our life, our reality

We take each other on a journey of love

While God send us the words

On the wings of a dove

©Walt Page 2018

Darkness Is Rising… Be Afraid

Maybe it was the pain
The constant aching
That was changing me into something evil

I wasn’t sleeping well
The voices kept me awake
Whispering, so that I couldn’t quite hear them

It was driving me crazy
What were they saying?
What did they want?

What was happening to me?
I didn’t like what I saw
When I looked in the mirror

What I saw was a monster wanting his first kill
It made me shudder. I was no killer!
What the hell was wrong with me?

I had all the exams
Physical and mental
There were no answers, no diagnosis

I grew more and more confused and angry
I wanted to hurt someone

I only knew one thing
I needed to feed my hunger
I needed to kill or I would die

That poor spider never knew what hit him

©Walt Page 2018

The Grim Reaper Came Today

My life ended today
There was no pain
Just a sudden darkness
No sound, just a great nothingness

I had no fear
I just wondered, “Now what”?
It was odd to me
My life hadn’t flashed before me

There was no warning sign
Just a realization
That I was dead

As the darkness subsided
I felt myself rising above my body
Just floating

So many thoughts
So many questions
Was it my heart?
Did my new aortic valve fail?

My soul was being lifted
Suddenly a stairway appeared
My only thought was, Led Zeppelin?
It then disappeared

Next thing I knew, I was following
A path through fields of gold
The melody of the song
Brought a smile to my soul

As I walked along the path
A feeling of happiness washed over me
It felt like the cool spray of a waterfall
On a hot summer day

I felt calm… refreshed…thankful
No longer was I chained
To a body that was wearing out
My pain was gone

In the distance I could see a glow
Music was playing songs that I knew
I realized then
That this was the path to Heaven

I could feel the beat again
My steps were in time with the music
Heaven was waiting for me
I just knew it

But then I heard angelic voices singing
Not today Walt”
You’re still needed at home”
It’s time to wake up”

©Walt Page 2017

My Head Is Full

My head is full
Full of worries
Happy, Sad, Good & Bad

Full of dreams
Silent Screams

My body aches
Arthritis wins
Back pain
Knee pain
Rocking to and fro

My eyes are weak
It’s hard for me to hear
I’m always saying “Huh?” or “What?”
I call it Drummer’s Ear

My head is full
My body aches
But I am still alive
Alive to write another day
And that’s OK with me

©Walt Page 2017

Our Pain Won’t Go Away

The pain is pretty constant now
It’s with us all the time
We just want to go to sleep
And wake up feeling fine

The pain pills take the edge off
But they don’t stop the ache
And even if we fall asleep
It comes back when we wake

Like many others that we know
We live with pain each day
And now the politicians want
To take our pills away

We must protect them from themselves”
The politicians say
We think they need to take our pain
And bear it for a day

The regulations that they want
Will only cause more pain
But they don’t really give a damn

They don’t even know our names

©Walt Page 2017

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