The Darkness Of Pain & The Light Of Relief ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet We have all experienced itThe Darkness of PainPain so intenseThat all we can doIs sit in the darkWaiting for the painTo slowly ebbAs the pain medicationStarts to workThe darkness slowly lessensAs the night becomes the morningAnd with the changeFrom darkness... Continue Reading →

A Path To Better ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet I'm on a path to betterA well worn pathCreated by the footprintsOf thousands of othersOthers like meSeeking reliefFrom chronic painWe are seeking a wayA way to feel betterTo look betterTo act betterWe will never give upFeeling better is out thereWaiting for usAnd we will find... Continue Reading →

Aging Gracefully ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet Is it even possible to age gracefully?When you are in constant chronic pain?You just want pain relief,not a how to video on aging gracefully.Not everyday is a bad day,but most are.That's the difficult part for people to understand.We can't control our pain,our pain controls us.We each make... Continue Reading →

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