A Melody a sweet melody could be hearddrifting slowly along on the windit was familiaryet I couldn't recognize it A calmness swept over meas the notes soothed my soulI closed my eyes, letting the melodycarry me along on the wind something about the melodywas bringing back memoriesmemories of earlier poemsI had written years ago I... Continue Reading →

Just An Old Piano Just an old pianoSlightly out of tuneNo one played it muchAs it sat thereGathering dustBut oh...The melodies it playedClassical, honky tonkJazz and love songsFor years it playedAll the music of the timesBut its glory days were endedWhen its owner passed awayNow it sits there in a cornerWanting to be played~The Tennessee... Continue Reading →

The Drummer ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet There comes a timeIn a man's lifeWhen he sits and remembersHe recalls his youthAnd the years passedHis age has becomeSomewhat of a burdenHe smiles thoughRemembering his daysBehind the drumsWhen his legs and armsWere limber and pain freeHe can tell youAlmost every placeHe ever playedAnd close to every... Continue Reading →

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