A Month of January Prompts In One Day

Thanks to Michelle of Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for the inspiration I got when I read her list of
daily prompts for the month of January.

I am a Poet… A Writer… Here is my story.

I took a drag and inhaled deeply, holding it
as long as I could, when suddenly my mind
was filled with Shimmers of Chartreuse.
I was not surprised since I had taken many
Moonlit Excursions while eating Butter Brickle.

I joined a group of lonely women who were
Teleporting Topless while their Alphabet Stew
was spelling Sinkholes and Sandpaper.

I added some Pinches of Positivity to lubricate
my old Rusty Bearings and then took several
Thirsty Gulps from the Sea of Chardonnay.

I started reading the book called Bankruptcy To Broadway
because my friends had Pestered and Polished me and
talked about the Glitz And Glam of the book. Before
I became Permanently Petrified by the book, I knew
that Mountains Must Move before Wild And Willful
Prickly Pears caused Drips Of Diversion.

So I stopped in at the Spotted Cow for a drink and
became Knackered And Numb. A band called
Once Upon A Princess was playing while a stripper
named Centerfold Sensations performed a routine
she called Captured In Corduroy.

Her agent, Felix Fineas, was secretly hiding
Troubling Truths about his Stormy And Dreamy past.
Seems that he had travelled Over The Esker and been
Dunked And Drizzled from the Bridge Beyond. He
had murdered his wife, another stripper named
Stinging Nettles.

But that, my friends, is another story to be told
in a Time Before Time.

Thanks Michelle!

©Walt Page 2017


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