Falling More In Love With You

As time passes I find myself

Falling more in love with you

The way that you love me

The way that you kiss me

The way that you hold me

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

For you

There’s nothing that can keep me

From you

Everyday that goes by I find myself

Falling more in love

With you

Happy Birthday Susan!!

I Love You!!

©Walt Page 2018


Maybe It Was Her Smile

Maybe it was her smile
Perhaps it was her hair
It could have been our love of music
Since she played guitar and I played drums

I liked the ocean, she liked the country
She trained horses, I trained resort staff
An unlikely coupling
But a match made in heaven

We share a love of Scotland
Country music and classic rock
We’re living in the country
With 2 horses, 9 rescue dogs

It started with her phone number
That a friend brought me one day
“She’s waiting for your call” he said
“She’s not that far away”

What followed were the phone calls
We talked for hours every night
About favorite places, music and our dreams
We hadn’t even met yet, but I could feel the love begin

A week went by before I said
“I’m driving up to see you”
I could hear the smile in her voice
As she gave me the directions

When I arrived that Sunday
Her Mom answered the door
“You must be Walt” she said
“I am Susan’s Mom”

Suddenly my heart beat faster
When a vision of loveliness appeared
“This is Susan” her mother said
And all I said was “Wow”

Was that a good or bad wow” Susan softly said
Which put us both at ease
I may have fallen in love that day
For my heart was telling me so

We both felt strongly that we had loved before
In another time, another place, a thousand years before
Ten short weeks after we had met
We were married at Medieval Times

Maybe it was her smile, perhaps it was her hair
It might have been our love of music
But I believe that God looked down
And gave us the love we share

©Walt Page 2018

#Sedoka: Happy New Year

It’s finally here
The old year a memory
Hope the New Year is better

My wishes for you
Health, Happiness, Love and Light
Good times the rest of your life

©Walt Page 2017


#Sedoka: Christmas Memories

Christmas memories
Fill my mind with happiness
Christmas stockings hung with care

Letters to Santa
Candy canes and Mistletoe
Mommy kissing Santa Claus

©Walt Page 2017


The Beauty Of Her

In a world of constant aggravation
Noise, commotion, hatred
There is also a calming force I cling to
It is the beauty of her

The magical smile of her eyes
Brings peace to my weary soul
The wonder in her whole being draws me in
And I find comfort in her arms of hope

Because of her I found love again
I had lost the music in my heart
But it came back the moment we met
Because of the beauty of her

My life has changed in so many good ways

©Walt Page 2017


#Sedoka: Rain

Rain makes me happy
The beat of the falling rain
Is like the beat of my heart

My heart is my drum
Beating in time with the rain
Bringing a song to my soul

©Walt Page 2017


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