I Will Love You

Until my body is dust
Until my soul is no more
I will love you

How many of us can say these words?
How many of us know this kind of love?
How many of us can give like this?

To know this love
We must give of ourselves
Never ending
Never changing

To love someone
Forever and a day

©Walt Page 2018 All rights reserved

Featured post

Forever Loved

A very special thank you to
my wife Susan for letting me post
her original poetry.

Somewhere amidst the thickets tangle

Hidden betwixt briar & bramble

Grows a rose like no other

Love’s true passion its color

Knowing none, but the one true heart

Who fears not the thorns

Can lay claim to her beauty

As his and his alone

To caress and to cherish

Forever Loved

Yet never Owned

©Susan Page 2018

Safe And Sound

With you I am safe
My heart in your hands
Your heart in mine
Together in time

Spirits united
Souls joined in space
Time never ending
Each others saving grace

With you there is love
Pleasures abound
Unconditional feelings
We wear like a crown

Together forever
From one life to the next
Eternity beckons
No more and no less

Together we’re safe
And together we’re sound
For we’ve found each other
And our love has no bounds

©Walt Page 2018

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