In The Distance It waits silently off in the distance what it waits for it does not know It hopes there will be pain it loves pain as long as it belongs to someone else it doesn't know what it is nor does it care it just is it waits for those who worry to... Continue Reading →

Thanks once again to Michelle fromPutting My Feet In The Dirtfor her list of daily prompts for the month of July, 2021.Please visit her site for her July list of daily prompts. A Day In The Life Of The Tennessee Poet As he sat at his writing deskThinking about her A bottle of hope sat... Continue Reading →

A Land Of Fairy Tales walk through the doorto a land of fireflies,butterflies, hummingbirds,fairy tales and poetry a land filled withenchantment and magicwhere anythingis possible the stars tell of their adventuresin this land of wishesthere is peace hereno fear, no worries, no rush, no covid a land where we can just beall your dreams are... Continue Reading →

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