Looking Back On Life

The older you get, it comes more often You realize you're not as strong Not as limber as you used to be And you start wondering how much life is left You spend more time looking back Remembering good times and bad People you influenced and who influenced you People you loved and people you... Continue Reading →

Walking Through My Memories

As I grow older I look back on my life Memories of younger days that make me smile Piano lessons, trying a trumpet, didn't work for me Finally the drums and I knew what I'd be Playing in bands, high school and college Rock and roll bands and big bands too Marching bands and symphony... Continue Reading →

Walt’s Writings First Christmas

     I have so many thoughts about Christmas this year. It has always been very important to me, since we celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. Like many others, I also enjoy the music, the light displays and decorations, the cards and wishes from friends and family and the softness that seems... Continue Reading →

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