Walking Through The Unknown I am haunted by a dreamI am alone on a stormy nightwandering through an unknown forest it is familiar, yet it is notI feel like I've been here beforebut I don't even know where “here” is As I walked along I could hear voices in my headmy legs walked like they... Continue Reading →

Looking Out My Window As I sit hereon the morningof my 77th birthdayI am looking out my window I see cloudy imagesof memories of those yearshappy memoriessad memories everything is in slow motionimages slowly fade inthen slowly fade out the last 18 years have beenso happy and meaningful to me married to my beautiful loving... Continue Reading →

The Fields Of Home There is always something specialabout this time of yearthe anticipation of Christmastakes me back to my childhood I remember all the presentsSanta would bringhow the cookies and milkwould be half gone decorating the Christmas treelistening to all the Christmas songsthe excitement of going throughthe Sears Christmas Catalog the last day of... Continue Reading →

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