Lonesome Dreams

Lonesome dreams and useless schemes The flutter of fireflies lights up the trail I'm dreaming again of a lonesome world On a road that seems to have no end I try to wake up But the dawn doesn't come The only sound I hear Is the constant hum of a Verizon dial tone The dream... Continue Reading →


Darkness Has A Hold On Me

The darkness has a hold on me Nothing is worse than the things I see Nightmares haunt me in my dreams My only way out is my fantasy If you could see what the darkness does You would say goodbye to who I was Come along with me tonight And let me bring your fears... Continue Reading →

Tropical Dreams

As I recall walking along the shore Waves lapping at my feet Thoughts of sunny days and moonlit nights Flood my memories It was from another time, another life A time of khaki shorts and tropical shirts Cheeseburgers in paradise And Jimmy Buffet concerts Summer storms, lightning flashes Watching for rainbows Waiting for the sun... Continue Reading →

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