Searching For Her Dreams she is searching for he who holds her life desiresShe seeks a place where she can be happy and safeshe searches for the music, for she knows the musicwill lead her to her dreams she has the key to a doorway back in timeshe keeps appearing in the same place every... Continue Reading →

Three Hours Past Midnight It was three hours past midnightNight has fallen softlyAnd I was still awake (or so I thought)Staring at empty pagesAll night long all I saw was youThe mists of timeWere clouding every memoryMaking it difficultTo remember every momentYou are the best part of meNever in my wildest dreamsDid I think I... Continue Reading →

Dream Song ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Voices in the wind Fleeting visions In my dreams Bits of music Familiar melodies Creating my dream song My mother's sweet voice Singing me a lullaby “Hush my baby, don't you cry Mama's singing you a lullaby” A mix of memories Lulling me to sleep As I let my dream song Carry me to Neverland... Continue Reading →

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