Pandemics Epidemics Corona Virus So many people sitting around Just waiting around to die Not me! My drums are traveling Keeping the beat until the very end Drumming with the Devil What a perfect ending to a legendary life Sipping Tennessee Whiskey With Chris Stapleton While the Devil parties by the River Drinking Tennessee Moonshine... Continue Reading →

These days are crazy The whole world is under attack By A virus It feels like a Robin Cook novel People are hoarding It started with toilet paper Now it's moved to bread I have to wonder when the food Will disappear What's the President doing about it? Nothing that I can see He has... Continue Reading →

Gone Too Soon ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

He was just a drummer No, he was so much more He was an inspiration A teacher A role model He is one of the all time Greatest drummers that ever lived He gave us rhythms unheard before His lightning fast hands Created impeccable beats He was a musician An artist in his craft And... Continue Reading →

I Lost A Friend ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I lost a friend last week. Not a Facebook friend, a real life friend. His name was Jack. I met him in 2015. Jack was a volunteer at Best Friends Sanctuary in Jamestown, TN, a local no-kill animal shelter where I was doing community service. Jack taught me a lot about dogs and I respected... Continue Reading →

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