Darkness Has A Hold On Me

The darkness has a hold on me
Nothing is worse than the things I see
Nightmares haunt me in my dreams
My only way out is my fantasy

If you could see what the darkness does
You would say goodbye to who I was
Come along with me tonight
And let me bring your fears to life.

Come with me and have no fear
You are the one that I hold dear
Don’t look back on days that are gone
It’s time for us, we must move on

When darkness ends and morning comes
They’ll look for us but we’ll be gone

We’ve gone back to the night we met
When the darkness came that night we left
The darkness whispered, “Time to come home”
And then it took us as its own

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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Standing On The Edge Of Darkness

I’m standing
n the edge of Darkness
That special time as the sun
Slowly sinks below the horizon

It is the end of Day
The start of Star Shine
Moonbeams cast shadows
As they shine through the trees

At first the silence is deafening
Slowly the night songs begin
The chirping of the peepers
And the deep throatiness of frogs

If you sit quietly
You may see the creatures of the night
Beginning to gather
As their celebration of life begins

In this world on the edge of Darkness
Life shines brightly
Love creates a certain glow
As a new sunrise warms the earth

The cycle is complete now
All is well again and I am patiently waiting
Until I am again
Standing on the edge of Darkness

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved
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Darkness Is Rising… Be Afraid

Maybe it was the pain
The constant aching
That was changing me into something evil

I wasn’t sleeping well
The voices kept me awake
Whispering, so that I couldn’t quite hear them

It was driving me crazy
What were they saying?
What did they want?

What was happening to me?
I didn’t like what I saw
When I looked in the mirror

What I saw was a monster wanting his first kill
It made me shudder. I was no killer!
What the hell was wrong with me?

I had all the exams
Physical and mental
There were no answers, no diagnosis

I grew more and more confused and angry
I wanted to hurt someone

I only knew one thing
I needed to feed my hunger
I needed to kill or I would die

That poor spider never knew what hit him

©Walt Page 2018

The Demons Of Darkness

A glint of light shot skyward
And summoned the creatures of the dark
One by one their howls filled the night
Their dance of the darkness had begun

All of your phobias, your childhood fears
Surrounded you, taunted you, haunted you
You trembled and gasped as you felt something touch you
A cold, slimy touch as the howling grew louder

The demons of darkness moved closer and closer
You fell to your knees and reached for the heavens
You tried to call out, to beg for forgiveness
But nobody heard you, your demons had won

When you fired that gun, shell casings were ejected
The glint on a casing was the moonlight reflected
It summoned the creatures who knew what you did
And your screams went unheard as their feeding began

©Walt Page 2017

‘Twas The Night Of The Spirits

Goblins and ghosts, raptors and queens
A night full of wonder, a night filled with screams
Cemetery headstones rattle and shake
Bats fly low seeking victims to take

Children in costumes yell “Trick or Treat”
It’s candy they seek, chewy and sweet
It’s a mother’s nightmare, a dentist’s delight
But the children are happy, it’s been a good night

As the darkness grows darker the moon disappears
The children can sense that evil is near
The Halloween legends add to their fear
Michael Myers is dead but he used to live here

Porch lights have been turned off, shades have been drawn
The last of the trick and treaters have gone
The ghosts and the goblins played until dawn
But the sun has now risen and they too are gone

‘Twas the night of the spirits
We call Halloween

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

The Darkness In Me

There’s a darkness in me
That few seldom see
Hidden away
So it can’t be seen

You won’t want to see
The dark side of me
When the anger and temper
Explodes out of me

There are times when I
Go over the line
Sitting there afterwards
And I just start crying

So now you know
What’s hidden in me
There’s more to me
Than what you see

I hope you continue
To read what I write
And I’ll keep my dark side
Well out of sight

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

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