Somebody Like You

When we got together I never realized How much my life would change Today, my life is complete Better... Fuller... All because I found somebody like you Our ranch Our horses, dogs and family All mean so much to me But nothing means more Than the love we have together And it's all because I... Continue Reading →

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Take The Time To Enjoy A Sunset

There is no greater love than that of two people at sunset, caressed by the soft country breezes while they are calmed by the sound of nickering horses at feeding time There is no greater love than that shared by those who love the country and the beauty and power of nature Take the time... Continue Reading →

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Old Stone Walls… Memories Of A Time Gone By

In a time many years ago, old dirt roads and homes were lined with old stone walls made from stones unearthed when fields were cleared and plowed. It was a simpler time, a time of dirt roads, sipping lemonade while sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch. Cows and horses roamed the fields... Continue Reading →

Sharing A Dream

When we met we shared a dream... A life in the country... A life renewed by love... A life filled with music... A life together forever... A home filled with animals... We shared our dreams... And we made them come true. ©Walt Page 2017

Meadows Of Light

Meadows of light That glow in the dark Fields full of fireflies That brighten our hearts We remember our childhood Standing in fields Trying to catch them With laughter and squeals We'd put them in jars By the bed in our room Our own meadows of light When clouds covered the moon Now that we're... Continue Reading →

Autumn Road

We walk the autumn road Days growing shorter Nights growing longer In the autumn of our lives Reflections of our past Haunt us But only for a moment The days are warm The nights are cool Winter is soon upon us As we walk the autumn road We know And we smile Copyright © 2017... Continue Reading →

Just An Old Country Road

Unless you have lived in a city all your life, you probably have driven or walked down a country road. Sometimes it's a road home, a road to Grandma's house or to a favorite fishing or hunting spot. Sometimes you just feel the need to explore... to investigate... to see where it goes. Perhaps it's... Continue Reading →

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