A Poet's Lament I love writing poetryalways havebut lately it's been harderharder to writeharder to come up with ideasI'm always tiredtired of chronic paintired of taking so many medicationstired of not sleeping welltired of feeling and being weaktired of not being able to dothings I used to be able to dotired of not drivingtired of... Continue Reading →

Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Do BoredomRestlessAnxiousCDC recommends staying at homemost restaurants are closedonly place I go tois my doctorit's been this way for almost a yearwinter is hereit's harder to breathewith my COPDcold weather makes my jointsmore painfulso I write my poetryand listen to musicI used to write my poetrywhile I drank winebut I... Continue Reading →

Aging Gracefully ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet Is it even possible to age gracefully?When you are in constant chronic pain?You just want pain relief,not a how to video on aging gracefully.Not everyday is a bad day,but most are.That's the difficult part for people to understand.We can't control our pain,our pain controls us.We each make... Continue Reading →

The Anger Caused By Chronic Pain ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Chronic pain causes anger Anger at the pain Anger at yourself Constant pain makes you irritable It causes mood swings The smallest things upset you You snap at your wife At the dogs Your pain medication makes you groggy You can no longer drive You're tired all the time You ache all over It never... Continue Reading →

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