The Blessing Of Pain There... I said it Pain is a blessing My chronic pain has made me realize I am not as bad off as many others it has shown me how blessed I am sure I have pain but I can still function I can still help my wife with laundry, dishwashing, vacuuming... Continue Reading →

Better Days he sat staring out the window seeing the rain drops making patterns on the glass it was not a good day for him but he was used to having bad days he used to enjoy looking out the windows but those days were long gone today, however, was different as the rain increased... Continue Reading →

A Poet's Lament I love writing poetryalways havebut lately it's been harderharder to writeharder to come up with ideasI'm always tiredtired of chronic paintired of taking so many medicationstired of not sleeping welltired of feeling and being weaktired of not being able to dothings I used to be able to dotired of not drivingtired of... Continue Reading →

Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Do BoredomRestlessAnxiousCDC recommends staying at homemost restaurants are closedonly place I go tois my doctorit's been this way for almost a yearwinter is hereit's harder to breathewith my COPDcold weather makes my jointsmore painfulso I write my poetryand listen to musicI used to write my poetrywhile I drank winebut I... Continue Reading →

The Darkness Of Pain & The Light Of Relief ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet We have all experienced itThe Darkness of PainPain so intenseThat all we can doIs sit in the darkWaiting for the painTo slowly ebbAs the pain medicationStarts to workThe darkness slowly lessensAs the night becomes the morningAnd with the changeFrom darkness... Continue Reading →

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