Christmas at Highland Acres, 12-25-21 It's Christmas at Highland Acres our sons are miles away. Kevin is in Orlando, Fl Jarrod, his wife Melanie and our grandsons, Harrison and Holden are in St. Augustine, FL our son Nathan, his wife Alyssa and our grandson Cayden are in Spokane, WA so here we are, just Susan... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve In The Forest, 12-24-21 Every Christmas Eve the forest animals gather together to wish Santa Claus a safe trip they sing and dance and offer prayers hey exchange gifts with each other while they wish each other a Merry Christmas when it's time for Santa to start his Christmas Eve journey they gather... Continue Reading →

Christmas Butterflies I woke up with a chillon this mid-December nightI realized that I was drifting alongon a Christmas season wind I was surrounded by Christmas butterfliesand I could hear Christmas carolsI heard a heavenly voice say, “You have been chosen as a Christmas Angelto help spread Christmas cheerthroughout the land. You were chosenbecause of... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic It's that time of yearhot chocolate, lights and decorations letters to Santamemories of yesteryear's carols and Frosty the snowmanmaking angels in the snow stockings hung with careChristmas trees and mistletoe sleigh rides and jingle bellscookies and milk on Christmas Eve bringing a message of hopeduring the Covid-19 pandemic Christmas shopping for your special... Continue Reading →

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